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Law Enforcement

Upholding the law and protecting people are critically important to the peace and welfare of every community. Central Carolina Community College trains men and women for this important role through its Emergency Services Training Center.

The ESTC offers both the curriculum Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) program and continuing education Law Enforcement offerings.

State-certified law enforcement instructors teach all Law Enforcement classes. North Carolina sworn law enforcement officers are exempt from course registration fees.

Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)

The BLET program trains students for employment as entry-level law enforcement officers. Students receive 624 hours of training and must pass the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Examination. The college's BLET graduates are well respected by law enforcement agencies. BLET day classes are held at the ESTC; evening classes are held at the college's Chatham and Harnett campuses.

Law Enforcement Continuing Education

Law Enforcement continuing education classes are open only to members of law enforcement agencies. They are tailored to meet the requirements of those agencies with both mandated and non-mandated training, including detention officer, standardized field sobriety, criminal and civil investigations, as well as firearms, driver re-qualification, and other required annual in-service training. Specialty classes on other topics are provided as requested by the agencies. Classes are offered at the ESTC, campuses, and the local agencies.

BLET classes are offered under the curriculum programs, click here to learn more.