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Economic & Community
Development Division


What is the division of economic and community development?
The division of economic and community development is the area of the college devoted to economic, workforce, and enrichment programs for the business sector and the community at large. Included in this division are various departments that provide professional training and leisure courses, as well as outreach to the community in terms of business assistance, a civic center, lecture series, and customized educational programs. Our programs and services vary, but our commitment to the development of the local economy and sense of community is shared throughout all of our departments.
How do I register?
Click here for registration details.
How much do courses cost?
Tuition and fees vary.
Occupational course tuition is set by the NC State Legislature.
Some courses that require exceptional costs to deliver may be provided on a self-supporting basis at a tuition rate that covers the costs involved in delivering the course.
Other courses that serve to enrich the community may have different price guidelines depending on the cost to deliver the course. As well, some courses also have approved fees attached to cover additional materials, supplies, etc.
Basic skills courses are free of charge, and human resources development courses may have fees waived for students who qualify.
What age must I be to register for a continuing education course?
In general, a student must be at least 16 years old to register and attend a continuing education course. There are exceptions for summer enrichment programs geared toward minors.
Can I teach a course?
We are always recruiting adjunct instructors and trainers to deliver courses in our departments. Requirements vary depending on the nature of the course, but include credentials and experience. If you are interested in teaching, click here to complete an application and submit it to the college human resources department or the contact person on the specific department homepage.
How do I request a refund?
You should request a refund by contacting the office in which you registered. The attendant will work with you to obtain a refund if you qualify. To qualify for a 100% refund, the registered individual must request it prior to the first class session. If a refund is requested after the first class session but before the 10% census date, the registered individual will receive a 75% refund. After the 10% census date, the registered individual will not qualify for a refund.
Do continuing education classes provide course credit?
Continuing education courses do not provide college credit. They are generally viewed as non-credit training or enrichment programs. However, many of our professional development programs do provide continuing education units (CEUs).
Can I obtain federal financial aid for continuing education classes?
No, federal financial aid is not available for continuing education classes. However, a limited number of scholarships are available for occupational courses each year.
I need a speaker for my civic group, who should I contact?
We have several faculty and staff that would be glad to speak to your group. For more information about the college's Speakers Bureau, click here.