Basic Law Enforcement Training BLET

Thanks for your interest in our BLET program. Entering the academy is an extensive process that can take several months to complete. You need to start the process now!

Your first step is to take the “Reading TABE Comprehension” exam. Contact an admissions counselor (on any campus) through Student Services (919) 718-7300 to schedule the test. According to North Carolina Training & Standards, you must have at least a 10th grade reading level to enter the academy. If you fall short of the reading requirement contact a counselor in Student Service at (919) 718-7300 to schedule a developmental reading class. You must have an application on file with the college.

If you are successful with the "Reading Comprehension" exam, your next step is to complete the BLET forms.

Once completed, submit the forms to:

Robert Powell
1105 Kelly Dr.
Sanford, NC 27330

Regarding the background checks, you must complete a criminal background check for every county you have lived in since turning 16 years of age. You must also run a driving record for every state you have lived in since receiving a driver's license. These checks, along with your doctor's physical, are good for one year.

While waiting for the class date to begin, take time to get yourself in physical shape. By the first day of class, you need to be able to complete:

  • 50 pushups in one minute;
  • 50 sit ups in one minute; and
  • 3 mile run in 24 minutes or less.

Law enforcement is a rewarding but challenging profession. Every step of the way, including the application process, we test your strength of character and the ability to follow direction. Follow the instructions on each form. Make sure to notarize those forms that require your oath. Once you seek a job in law enforcement, you will be polygraphed concerning the answers you submit.

Good luck with your endeavors! We hope to see you soon in one of our academies.

The Basic Law Enforcement Training application requirements are extensive, and must be complete before students can be admitted to the program.


All completed applications are due BEFORE December 16, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. to be accepted into the Spring program.

  • Lee (Emergency Services Training Center)
    • Day Class
    • January 11, 2016 - May 6, 2016
  • Harnett and Chatham (Emergency Services Training Center)
    • Evening Class
    • August 2016 - May 2017

What Students Learn

Students successfully completing the BLET Program will be able to:

  • Identify the elements of major and common crimes committed in North Carolina
  • Differentiate between misdemeanor crimes and felonies
  • Use critical thinking skills to determine the difference between civil and criminal laws
  • Identify common traffic violations and articulate those violations
  • Understand the constitutional rights of citizens in the United States
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