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Defensive Driving

Driving safely means more than knowing the rules of the road. Defensive Driving classes offered by Central Carolina Community College's Continuing Education Department show you how to drive defensively and be more aware of what is happening around you. This can minimize the chances that someone else's mistake will involve you in an accident.

The college offers both Defensive Driving and the "Alive at 25" program. Both are one-day classes that will enable you to be more confident and safe on the highway. Each is offered regularly throughout the year.

Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving classes are for motorists who have been charged with certain traffic violations. Successfully completing the class may minimize or prevent the assessment of premium surcharges on your insurance policy or points on your driver's license.

"Alive at 25"

The "Alive at 25" class is designed for drivers age 16 to 25, the age group with the least experience behind the wheel. In the class, drivers will learn the importance of defensive driving and specific techniques to make them better, more aware, drivers.