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Adult High School or General Educational Development (GED) Online

Never finished high school, but you really need a diploma to get a better job?

Want to get your education, but there's no time in your schedule to attend regular classes?

Then study for your Adult High School or General Educational Development diploma through Central Carolina Community College's College & Career Readiness distance education.

It's free! No tuition or books to buy!

Basic Skills distance education uses the online A+ Anywhere Learning System, which meets the requirements for a North Carolina high school diploma. For the GED, McGraw-Hill's Contemporary program disks can be taken home for study. As an online or disk student, you will study the same materials as students in the college's seated AHS/GED classes.

For the high school diploma, complete just the credits you are missing. For a GED, you study and then take a series of five tests to demonstrate proficiency in high school core subjects: Writing, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts/Reading, and Mathematics.

All tests must be taken on-site at the Basic Skills program where you are enrolled.

The Adult High School/GED programs are open to those 18 and older, as well as to minors who have not attended school for six months and/or obtained a release from the last school attended. Those interested in enrolling must first come to a College & Career Readiness program site for placement testing.

For more information about College & Career Readiness programs, contact a Central Carolina Community College location near you, click here!