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¿Habla Español?

The world is growing smaller by the day. The ability to speak a foreign language proficiently offers major advantages:

  • Being bilingual can open opportunities to more jobs and promotions.
  • Knowing a second language enriches one's life by adding a whole new dimension of intercultural understanding and appreciation.

Central Carolina Community College's Continuing Education Department offers several levels of Spanish for work and social settings:

Basic Conversational Spanish

These courses provide basic pronunciation, verbs, and everyday vocabulary to carry on a simple conversation. Students will also learn about different Spanish-speaking cultures.

Intermediate Spanish

Learn to converse in Spanish with coworkers or in a social setting by mastering verbs, tenses, and sentence structure.

Advanced Spanish

Learn to carry on a conversation with ease by broadening your Spanish skills.

Soaring with Spanish Review

This course provides intensive and methodical training in spoken Spanish and culture for those who are already fluent in Spanish.

Spanish for Health Care Professionals

Learn common medical terminology in Spanish and gain a basic understanding of Spanish for use in the health care field.

For more information or contact information on Spanish-language classes, click here.