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Compensatory Education

Central Carolina Community College's Compensatory Education program offers training for greater independence to individuals who are intellectually challenged. Many are able to live independently using the skills they learn in the program. Their self-esteem improves as they are able to do so.

The learning atmosphere in the Compensatory Education program is nurturing, with qualified, caring instructors. All classes are free.

Approximately 6,000 students are enrolled annually in Compensatory Education programs at community colleges. Those enrolling must have documentation providing evidence of a formal diagnosis of the intellectual disability. The condition must be determined and certified by a qualified professional, such as a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist.

Compensatory Education provides:

  • Consumer math: Counting, managing money, and shopping
  • Language Arts: Phonics, sight words, basic grammar, and learning their address and phone number
  • Computers: Using a computer and exploring career opportunities through it
  • Vocational health: Taking better care of themselves
  • Enrichment: Craft and music activities

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