Culinary & Hospitality Arts

About Our Programs

The Culinary Arts Curriculum and Continuing Education Programs for CCCC feature and focus on locally farmed and sourced foods. Our programs features coursework in nutrition, farm to table, catering, menu design, fermentation and preservation, as well as other classes.

Information on our classes can be found at Course names and descriptions are available. Schedules are available through the continuing education online schedule as well as through the college admissions office. Please note that schedules change so for the most current information please join our email list by emailing the Executive Director, Culinary Institute, Chef Gregg Hamm at

Explanation of Programs

  • Continuing education offers individual classes as well as a Natural Chef Certification Program that is designed for personal enrichment as well as short term occupational training programs.
  • To enter continuing education Programs you can simply register for the current classes by viewing the current online schedule and registering in any of our continuing education offices.
  • Curriculum programs include an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts as well as Curriculum certifications which focus on short term occupational training.
  • To enter curriculum programs, follow standard steps of admissions by applying to CCCC. To Apply to CCCC please visit

Cafe Locations and Hours

The Central Carolina Community College Natural Chef Cafe is located on the Chatham Main Campus of CCCC. The cafe is student operated and the schedule for the cafe is based on class schedules each semester. For current hours visit our website at:

The Central Carolina Cougar Cafe is located on the Lee Main Campus of CCCC. The Cafe is student operated and the schedule for the cafe is based on class schedules each semester. For current hours please visit our website:

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Please Note:
Curriculum guides above are for students who enroll during the current academic year. Students who enrolled during a previous academic year should visit the Program Evaluation link in WebAdvisor to find the required list of courses for graduation. For assistance, consult your advisor.