Competitive Admissions Programs


Several academic programs at CCCC are limited enrollment programs, meaning that these programs can only accept a certain number of students per year making the academic program competitive to pursue. This requires the Office of Admissions to determine the most qualified candidates for these limited enrollment programs through a selective admissions process.

A student is able to apply for the academic program once the Minimum Admissions Criteria (MAC) have been met. Students can obtain an admissions application from their assigned Admissions Specialist and submit the application by the deadline. The admissions application will allow a student to select a second choice and third choice program in the event the student doesn't get accepted to their first choice program. In this scenario, the student would be considered for the second or third choice program once all candidates that indicated that program as a first choice have been considered.

The decision on entry is made by an admissions committee which selects the students based off of the admissions criteria and points through the approved candidate rating sheets. Notification of acceptance or denial will be sent to all candidates on a specified Notification Date. See application deadlines and notification dates below.

General Admissions Standards and Procedures

To be accepted to CCCC, students must complete the admissions and enrollment steps listed on our website. The admissions and enrollment steps can be viewed online.

Learn More About Your Academic Program

The first step is to view the Information Session for your chosen academic program to learn more about the admissions process.

Additionally, it's important that you take some time to explore your academic program's website. Click below to navigate to the website to review your academic program of study, additional information about the career pathway, and much more.

Admissions Checklist & Candidate Rating Sheets

Make An Appointment

Each student will work with an Admissions Specialist who will serve as Academic Advisor until the student is accepted into the program, provide guidance and recommendations as the student prepares to apply, and much more. Remember to make an appointment with one of the Admissions Specialists in order to review admissions requirements, advising and registration, to verify if you have met Minimum Admissions Criteria in order to apply, and to get all your questions answered.

Schedule The TEAS

To schedule the TEAS, you will need to first be in touch with your Admissions Specialist to receive a permission form that will allow you to take the test.

The ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills is a multiple-choice assessment of your basic knowledge in the areas of Reading, Math, Science, and English. Your score from the Reading section will be used when determining points toward competitive admission. Students may take this exam up to three times in a three-year period. The best Reading score from the two most recent attempts will be used. There is no minimum score required for entry into most health science programs. If applying to the Associate Degree Nursing or LPN to RN Bridge programs, the following minimum scores are required: Composite: 65, Reading: 70.

Students who need to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) should adhere to the following guidelines and receive permission from a Health Sciences Admissions Specialist. It is recommended that students have appropriate high school GPA, placement test scores, other test scores or all developmental courses completed with a "P" grade prior to taking the ATI TEAS.

  • You can purchase an ATI TEAS study guide in each campus bookstore or check out a copy from the campus libraries. Also, you can purchase a study guide and/or practice test through the ATI Testing Website (click on online shop).
  • Testing accommodations for students with a medical diagnosis or disability must be approved prior to scheduling an appointment for the ATI TEAS test. Please contact the Student Accessibility Services Coordinator for approval at (919) 718-7416.

Cancellation/Late Arrivals Policy

Students may reschedule their ATI TEAS test prior to 48 hours (2 Business Days) from the start time of the test. If it is within 48 hours (2 Business Days) of the test start time, the fee already paid will be forfeited and the student must start the process over again by obtaining a new testing voucher and repaying the testing fee. Late arrivals forfeit ATI TEAS testing fee and must obtain a new testing voucher, repay testing fee and schedule a new test date.

Testing Locations

  • Lee Main Campus
    (919) 718-7471
    Bell Welcome Center (Building #8)
  • Harnett Main Campus
    (919) 814-8863
    Miriello Building (Building #33), Office Suite #143

Need to send your TEAS scores to CCCC?

If selected for admittance, all students are required to complete the following steps to finalize acceptance:

  • Log in to your ATI Account and request your scores be sent to "Central Carolina Health Sciences".

Central Carolina Community College only accepts scores from TEAS 6th Edition exam.

Schedule PN Predictor

Students pursuing LPN to RN nursing program will be required to take the PN Predictor.

  • Students are allowed to take the exam 6 months after NCLEX pass date.
  • Students are allowed 180 minutes to complete the exam.
  • Students are allowed 3 attempts in 3 years.
  • When students are approved by their Admissions Specialist, they then will be required to make the $65 payment with the Business Office. At this point they can schedule the exam with their specialist or Mary Brown, (919) 718-7471,
  • Students must schedule or cancel within 2 business days of the exam date.
  • Students will need to have an account with ATI that can be made or updated at ATI Testing Website.

Cancellation/Late Arrivals Policy - If it is within 48 hours (2 Business Days) of the exam start time, the fee already paid will be forfeited and the student must start the process over again by repaying the testing fee. Late arrivals forfeit the exam fee and must repay the exam fee and schedule a new exam date.

Additional Documents

As a candidate you may want to submit additional documentation for additional points. You can submit documents at one of our three main campuses at the Admissions Office. (You do not need to meet with your Admissions Specialist in order to submit documents)

Accepted? Now What? (Health Science Programs Only)

If selected for admittance, all students are required to complete the following steps to finalize acceptance:

  • STEP 1 - Mandatory Program Orientation.
    • An orientation hosted by your program will be held during the summer semester. Attendance is required.
    • The date will be provided in your acceptance letter.
  • STEP 2 - Complete a physical examination, background check, drug test, and submit medical forms.
    • You are required to have a physical examination conducted by a physician. This exam must be conducted in the same year as the consideration and no later than 30 days prior to the start of the semester.
    • You're also required to provide evidence of up-to-date immunizations before the start of the program. A list of required immunizations will be provided on the medical forms in your acceptance packet.
    • A criminal background check and drug screening will be conducted via a third-party organization of the college's choosing. More information will be provided in your acceptance packet regarding this requirement.
  • STEP 3 - Transportation and additional course materials agreement.
    • Health Science students are responsible for their own transportation to off-campus clinical/learning sites.
    • Materials other than textbooks will be required and are purchased at the student's expense. Materials include (but are not limited to): uniforms, lab coats, lab kits, and clinical supplies.
  • STEP 4 - Technical Standards & Disability Statement
    • Health Science programs can be physically demanding. Students will be expected to perform lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying tasks to successfully practice in a lab setting, complete clinical affiliations, and/or safely treat patients. The college has a legal obligation to provide appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities.
    • If you have a documented disability and are seeking accommodations, you should contact Student Accessibility Services. It is your responsibility to initiate this process as soon as possible.
  • STEP 5 - Academic Standards
    • Students must be in good academic standing upon applying to health science programs. Good academic standing is defined as having a 2.0 GPA in the most recent semester attempted as well as maintaining a 2.0 cumulative GPA. These GPA requirements must be maintained at the time of entering the program from a secondary or post-secondary institution. Additional points are awarded towards an applicant's point total based on cumulative GPA from the past five years.
    • Upon official acceptance, Health Science students are required to maintain the GPA requirements necessary for admission between the time they are accepted and the first day of classes. This means you cannot be placed on academic suspension during this timeframe.
    • Health Science students are also expected to successfully complete their program-specific courses with a grade of "C" or higher in order to remain enrolled in their program.

      Note: This does not mean you can withdraw from a course due to poor performance in order to avoid penalty. A withdrawal counts as an unsuccessful completion of a course and will result in a withdrawal from the Health Science program.

Application/Notification Dates/Number of Students Accepted

Applications for all competitive admission programs will be available beginning October 25, 2021 for the 2022 Competitive Admissions Cycle.

Program Applications Due Notification Date Students Accepted Per Year Maximum Competitive Points Virtual Interest Meeting Dates
Dental Assisting 3/28/22 5/6/22 18 369 1/20/21 @ 2:30 PM
Register for any Virtual Interest Meeting
Dental Hygiene 3/14/22 4/22/22 18 469 12/10/21 @ 2:30 PM
Register for any Virtual Interest Meeting
Associates Degree Nursing 3/7/22 4/8/22 40 460 12/2/21 @ 5:30 PM
Register for any Virtual Interest Meeting
Esthetics, Certificate in 7/11/22 7/18/22 40footnote 3 75 10/12/21 @ 5:00 PM
Register for any Virtual Interest Meeting
LPN to RN Bridge 2/14/22 3/11/22 10 460 1/13/22 @ 5:30 PM
Register for any Virtual Interest Meeting
Medical Sonography 3/21/22 4/18/22 8 434 2/3/22 @ 5:00 PM
Register for any Virtual Interest Meeting
Practical Nursing 3/7/22 4/8/22 60 400 12/2/21 @ 5:30 PM
Register for any Virtual Interest Meeting
Veterinary Medical Technology 3/21/22 4/29/22 64 408 1/19/22 @ 3:30 PM
Register for any Virtual Interest Meeting


  1. footnote 1 25 in Harnett, 25 in Chatham back to footnote 1 content
  2. footnote 2 18 Full-Time, 18 Part-Time back to footnote 2 content
  3. footnote 3 20 seats Full-Time and Part-Time Day, 20 Seats Part-Time Evening. The Full-Time program enters students in Fall and Spring.back to footnote 3 content