Student Onboarding and Success. (formerly Admissions)

New Student Orientation


Welcome to Central Carolina Community College! Every important journey involves careful preparation. We offer new students an introduction to our programs, services, and community through our new student orientation and new student programs.

Your new student orientation pathway is broken into three key parts to ensure a smooth transition to Central Carolina Community College. Please see below:

Common Questions

Who should I contact if I have questions about New Student Orientation?
For further assistance, please contact us at (919) 718-7502. We look forward to speaking with you!
Is new student orientation required?
All students are required to complete New2CCCC, the online new student orientation. You will also receive a virtual certificate of completion when you have finished. Completion will prevent the placement of administrative holds on your student accounts. A hold like this will prevent you from conducting business on campus like registering for classes the second semester.
What if I do not have a computer at home to complete New2CCCC?
The New2CCCC, the online orientation, can be completed on a smartphone or other electronic device. You may also use a computer at any CCCC library. Computers are also located in the Academic Assistance Centers on each main campus and in Bell Welcome Center, located on Lee Main Campus. Need help finding a computer? Contact us at (919) 718-7300.
If I am not registered for classes yet, can I attend the in person new student orientation?
The in person new student orientation is intended for students that have concluded all enrollment steps and completed the online orientation. By completing these steps you are ensuring you are ready to receive the “Just in Time” information that will be presented to you.
Which campus should I go to for Orientation?
It doesn't matter. However, it's a good idea to attend the campus where most of your classes are held so you can become familiar with that campus, faculty, staff, and its resources.
Can my children attend the CCCC orientation?
The CCCC orientation is designed for college students and their adult family members. Therefore, children are not encouraged to attend.
What if I cannot attend one of the Orientation sessions before the semester starts?
If you are unable to attend the in person orientation before your first semester starts, please be sure to still complete your online orientation. We will offer more sessions before the Spring/Fall semester if you still would like to attend in person.
Can I register for classes and/or take placement testing?
Check out the Placement Testing Webpage to prepare for the test and review your Program of Study to prepare for registration.


Students who need an accommodation during the New Student Orientation program, should provide this information on the Registration Form. We will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations based on the information provided to ensure that students can maximize their participation and enjoyment during the New Student Orientation Program. The time of notification and the nature of the accommodation requested may limit the services that can be provided. However, we will work with the Student Accessibility Services Office to review each request and determine services that may be available.

If a student has a temporary disability or injury after registration, for which mobility assistance or other services may be needed, please email our office to make the necessary arrangements by contacting