Student Onboarding and Success. (formerly Admissions)

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Change of Program

To change your program, navigate to your Success Hub (linked from your CCCC Portal). At the bottom of the screen, click on “change of program” form (image below). This will initiate the process.


  • Please read the questions at the top of the form and spend time reflecting on your answers.
  • Your education navigator will contact you before your Change of Program is officially processed. It could take them a few days to respond back to you.
Access Success Hub from CCCC Portal and click on Change of Program Form

Withdrawals or Drop/Add

If you are interested in withdrawing from course(s) for the current semester, please log into your Success Hub to submit a withdrawal form. You can access your Success Hub via your CCCC Portal.

Below are multiple ways to connect with an Education Navigator:

Drop-In Meeting

Get in Line to Meet with an Education Navigator In-Person, Virtually, or over the phone

Weekend & Evening Availability

Connect with an Education Navigator on the weekends or evenings


Monday-Thursday: 5:30pm-8pm

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Appointments (Saturday or Sunday)

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