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Culinary Arts Continuing Education Offerings

CCCC is proud to offer many Culinary Arts Continuing Education Classes.

Each semester various classes are offered depending on demand and kitchen availability. Below are just a few of the courses that may be offered in addition to new offerings. For the current schedule please visit the online Continuing Education schedule.

Career Readiness for Culinary Arts Occupations

A prerequisite for the culinary arts program. This course is designed to provide employability skills training for unemployed and underemployed adults. Upon successful completion, the student will be prepared to enter entry-level food service or other food related business.

Catering and Food Truck Cuisine

This class uses culinary methods to operate a successful catering business or possible food truck operation. Basic Culinary, ServSafe, and food service management will be offered in this course.

Culinary Technology

Students will develop an understanding of culinary terminology, knife skills, classic cuts, sanitary standards and, equipment functions.

Eating For Health

This class, consisting of both lecture and hands-on learning, will use the Eating For Health Model to demonstrate ways to include healthier beverages, more vegetables, quality protein sources, healthy fats and super booster foods into your diet.

Farm to Table

This course provides a laboratory experience for enhancing students' agricultural skills and understanding the development of cooperation between sustainable farmers and food service operations. Emphasis placed on practical experiences. Upon completion, students should demonstrate an understanding of environmental stewardship and its impact on cuisine and sustainability.

Farm to Table Pork Production

In this course you will gain a better understanding of where your pork comes from, while learning to prepare meals using different cuts of pork.

Farm to Table Vegetarian Cuisine

Have fun while creating and exploring new hearty dishes using farm fresh vegetables.

Fermented Vegetable Fundamentals

In this primarily hands-on class, students will learn the fundamentals of fermenting vegetables and some fruit. The significance of fermented foods across culinary traditions will be covered.

Foods to support the Healing Process

This class, consisting of both lecture and hands-on learning, will teach students how to make bone and mineral broths, soups and stews, herbal teas and raw juices that can support the body during illness.

Further down the Fermented Trail

In this primarily hands-one class, students will explore more fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, beans and grains and have an environment to experiment with their own fermented food interests.

Gluten Free Baking

Students will learn methodology to gluten free baking. this will include vegan baking preparation and the science of baking without gluten.

Introduction to Baking

Students will learn the methodology to baking. This will include sustainable baking practices and a health focus.

Introduction to Natural Health Cooking

Students will cover holistic education, whole foods culinary techniques, fundamentals of nutrition and the connection between food, health, and sustainability. Students will understand the general operations of a commercial kitchen, sustainable cooking, and essential culinary and sanitation skills.

Introduction to Sustainable Culinary Arts

This course is designed for students who desire an occupation in the food service industry and for those who are presently employed within the industry. Emphasis will be placed on: attitude development, sanitation and safety, food service terminology and procedure, tools and equipment, and basic food preparation with emphasis to health and sustainability.

Mastering Asian Cooking

Have fun and learn new and exciting cooking methods in Asian Cooking, while creating new entree and appetizer recipes.

Mommy and Me Cooking

This class will feature a combined academic and lab environment that will focus on cooking for prenatal and newborn care. Students will learn the methodology to healthy cooking as new parents and expectant moms.


Students will understand the national regulations for safety and sanitation as it relates to food service.

Soup and Sauce Production

Learn how to make delicious and healthy soups and sauces! Students will identify the steps in soup and sauce production, while using local and seasonal ingredients.

Therapeutic Cooking

A combined academic and lab environment class with a focus on the methodology involved in therapeutic cooking.

Understanding Dietary Restrictions in Cooking

Students will learn the methodology to healthy cooking for special populations. This would include those persons with diabetes and other special diets.

Wine Appreciation - Taste and Sensory Evaluation

Students will gain an understanding of wines; regionally and nationally. They will also explore the proper combinations of food and wine.