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Continuing Education Certifications

Natural Chef Certification

The Central Carolina Culinary Institute's Natural Chef Certification is a dynamic, innovative, and truly unique certification.

Students enrolled in this certificate will study holistic nutrition and sustainable culinary techniques. They will work hand in hand with the Central Carolina Community College Student Farm, and other area farmers, to gain real world experience with a farm-to-table approach to sourcing and agricultural stewardship. Students will run a full service holistic food cafe, The Natural Chef Cafe, which serves a full lunch to the public each class day.

Some of the topics that may be covered in the certification include:

  • Farm to Table
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Ecology of Food
  • Therapeutic Cuisine
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Fermentation
  • World Cuisine
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Allergy Free
  • Organic
  • GMOs
  • Butchery
  • ... and beyond

Students will matriculate with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable and nourishing food practices, how to prepare delicious and therapeutic foods to avoid illness and promote optimal health, and how to navigate all the equipment and practices of a professional kitchen.

This modern approach to holistic nutrition and culinary arts marries traditional holistic techniques, knowledge, and practice with the latest culinary trends and equipment. Students will complete the certification with the confidence and the skill set required to work within a commercial kitchen yet with a fresh and desirable holistic approach to cooking ... setting them apart from other culinary graduates.

This certification differs in its length and depth from the continuing education courses and, unlike the continuing education classes, offers a certificate upon completion. It can be taken alone or as a supplement to the Central Carolina Culinary Institute's Culinary Arts Associate Degree, the Culinary Fundamentals Certificate, or the Farm-to-Table Entrepreneurial Certificate.

Estimated cost to complete certification is $700*.

*cost includes supplies