There are many ways you can give a gift to Central Carolina Community College. Your gifts fund many areas of the College including scholarships, programs and faculty. Please join the long list of dignitaries, alumni, parents and friends of Central Carolina Community College and help provide financial support to the College and its students and programs.

Ways to Give

  • Direct Gifts

    You can make a direct (cash) gift to CCCC in the following ways:

    • Write a check payable to the "CCCC Foundation"; send it along with clear instructions for the use of your gift to:

      CCCC Foundation
      1105 Kelly Drive
      Sanford, NC 27330

    • Use our secure online giving form.
    • Call the CCCC Foundation at (919) 718-7332 if you prefer to give credit card information by phone or if you would like to talk with or arrange a meeting with a member of the Foundation staff.
    • Visit the CCCC Foundation to give with a credit card or if you would like to talk with a member of the Foundation staff.
  • Planned Gifts

    In addition to helping with current needs, some friends of the college decide to assist with CCCC's future needs by remembering the CCCC Foundation in their wills and estate planning. Unless otherwise stipulated, bequests are normally added to the Foundation's Endowment funds. This means your gift, whatever the amount, will continue to support CCCC's mission always.

    Gift Types include:

    • Bequest - A bequest in your will to the CCCC Foundation can be a specified amount, or a certain percentage after other specific bequests are fulfilled. Many people find that this is the best way for them to fulfill their desire to support and remember Central Carolina.
    • Charitable Trusts - For those with larger estates, a charitable trust can be used during planning of your estate. You can create a Charitable Trust with cash, stock, or other assets, making a significant gift to CCCC, while also reducing the tax burden for your estate.
  • Gifts in-kind

    Gifts in-kind are donated tangible and intangible assets and property. Some examples include artwork, books, equipment, automobiles and artifacts. Gifts in-kind may also be an ongoing service, such as 75Health's gift of free access to their electronic health records software platform for our Medical Assisting students. These gifts must be reviewed with special care to ensure their usefulness to the college's programs. All gifts are subject to approval by the Executive Director of the Foundation prior to acceptance. For more information, call (919) 718-7230.

  • Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds

    Giving shares of appreciated stock, bonds, mutual funds and other securities can be used to make a gift to the CCCC Foundation. Securities accepted by The Foundation are generally sold as soon as practical. No agreement shall be made with a donor prior to or subsequent to a gift that such securities will be held for any period of time. When you donate securities, rather than cash, you do not pay any capital gains tax on the appreciation in the securities and you receive a deduction for their full market value on the date of your gift.

    Before making a securities gift of any kind, please contact Central Carolina Community College Foundation Office first.

    We will provide the necessary information to make sure the transaction is handled to your specifications and you receive proper credit for your gift. Please call the CCCC Foundation at (919) 718-7332.

  • Corporate Matching Gifts

    Many companies match charitable contributions made by their current or former employees or board members. This is an excellent means to multiply the amount of a gift. Donors provide the appropriate matching gift form for submission to the matching gift company. Donors receive full credit for both the original and the matching gift.

  • Marketable Real Estate

    A gift to Central Carolina Community College can be made through the donation of real property--commercial or residential, developed or undeveloped. Any gain on the sale of property donated to The Foundation is not taxed to the donor, provided the property was not subject to a binding agreement to sell created prior to the gift. Also, the sale of the property by The Foundation is generally tax-free.

    If you are considering a gift of property, please call the CCCC Foundation at (919) 718-7332.

  • Life Insurance

    Another possible way to remember the College is by making the CCCC Foundation the beneficiary of a retirement account or a paid-up life insurance policy. If you are considering this type of gift, please remember that you will need to change the beneficiary information on the account or policy. The disposition of these kinds of accounts usually depends upon the beneficiary instructions you have designated on the account, not instructions in your will.

  • Retirement Plans

    An individual may name CCCC as a residual beneficiary of an IRA, 401(k), 403(B), TIAA-CREF, KEOGH, VALEC or other retirement plan accumulation and/or other corporate benefits program.

    Please contact your retirement plan administrator, fund custodian, financial advisor or attorney to discuss how to make a change in the Plan beneficiary.

    Please contact the CCCC Foundation to notify us of your intentions at (919) 718-7332.

  • Commemorative Brick

    A commemorative brick offers a unique and lasting way to memorialize or honor a student or a Central Carolina Community College retiree, faculty, or staff member; celebrate a special event; promote your business; or simply show your appreciation for the college!

    These are real 'paver' bricks, laser etched to last a lifetime. Each brick is specially ordered with your chosen inscription and installed by the college. In addition, you can purchase a "mini-brick" with the same inscription, to keep at home or in your office as a memento of your support of and belief in CCCC, our faculty and staff, and the countless individuals whose lives have been impacted by entering our doors.

    Get your Commemorative Brick Now!

  • Employee Payroll Deduction

    Employees can make it super easy by having their donation automatically deducted from their paycheck. Deductions can be taken for any number of months and can be gifted to any specific fund the employee prefers. (A complete list of funds can be found under "Endowed Scholarships", Download a complete list of Endowments.)

    Sign up for Employee Payroll Deduction.

Types of Gifts

  • Honorary/ Memorial

    Gifts may be made to the College to honor or memorialize a friend, family member or loved one. Such gifts are acknowledged to the donor and to the person being honored or to the person's family if he/she is being memorialized.

  • Endowed Scholarships

    Establishing a scholarship is a relatively simple process which begins with a one-on-one meeting with a Foundation staff member who provides personal assistance in guiding donors through the development of their scholarship. Endowed scholarships are permanent, named funds. These funds are invested and a portion of the income generated is used to fund annual scholarship awards. These type of scholarships are endowed through gifts of $10,000 or more which can be done at one time or over a period of three to five years. If you wish to establish an endowment with the Foundation, please call Emily Hare at (919) 718-7230.

    Download a complete list of Endowments.

    What are endowments?

    An endowment fund is funds set aside for the long-term benefit of the Foundation rather than for current operations. It is a permanent fund that uses its earnings to advance the mission of the Foundation and CCCC. The principal amount of each endowment fund always stays intact while all or part of the earnings are used by the Foundation to fund scholarships, projects or programs designated by the donor of the fund. The endowment funds are invested in equities and longer-term bonds to achieve growth and an increasing stream of income.

    Why are endowments important?

    Endowments can provide the Foundation with long term stability. Since the principal balance of the endowment cannot be used, the income generated from an endowment is an important source of revenue. Endowed funds create a foundation for fiscal growth and stability while generating a reliable portion of income for scholarships, academic programs, and other needs of the college.

    What do endowments cover?

    Endowments are created for many uses. Through the CCCC Foundation, the majority of our endowments are mainly used for scholarships and to provide financial aid to students who need it, especially with the current economy. Other endowments managed by the Foundation include a "Commitment to Excellence Endowment" and the "Marvin Joyner Endowment" which are used for special projects to advance the academic mission of the college and its pursuit of excellence, equipment needs, campus beautification, and other needs of the college.

  • Scholarships

    Non-endowed scholarships are named, temporary funds. They are commonly called "pass through" scholarships and can be established with a gift of any size. They remain active as long as donors contribute to them. For both endowed and non-endowed funds, the first step in the process of establishing a scholarship is specifying criteria that capture a donor's wishes.

    Download a complete list of Scholarship Funds.

  • Restricted Funds

    A reserve of money that can only be used for specific purposes. Restricted funds provide reassurance to donors that their contributions will be used in a manner they have chosen.

    Download a complete list of Restricted Funds.

  • Unrestricted Funds

    Unrestricted funds are monies given to the CCCC Foundation with no specific designation for the use of the funds by a donor. This allows the Foundation to use the funds where the most good can be done, satisfying the college's mission of empowering power through education and training.

    Why are unrestricted funds important?

    Unrestricted funds are donations that make everything possible. These gifts address a broad range of needs at CCCC, including future requests that often cannot be anticipated at the time a gift is made. The flexibility of the unrestricted gifts enables the Foundation to respond to the college's most pressing needs.

    What do unrestricted funds cover?

    Unrestricted funds may support equipment purchases, student emergencies, curriculum program needs, faculty and staff development, educational conferences, and many other items that are not covered in the state budget.

    Unrestricted funds currently cover:

    • Student Emergencies
    • Faculty/Staff Tuition Reimbursement
    • Scholarships for GED graduates
    • Laser Camps for middle school students
    • Career Day at CCCC for rising high school seniors