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If someone else is paying for my school, what do I need to do?

The student must submit a letter, from the agency/person that is going to pay, to Sponsorship Services in the Business Office. See Sponsorship information under the Payment Options link.

Will the Employment Security Commission (ESC) pay for a particular academic program?

This is an ESC question. The student is responsible for contacting ESC and completing the required paperwork so that ESC will issue an authorization for payment, if applicable.

If I have Pell and a third party payor, does the third party payor pay first?

Order of payment is determined by the third party's requirements. In most cases, Employment Security Commission Workforce Investment Act (ESC WIA) will pay first and then Pell.

Can my refund be returned to my credit/debit card if I paid with a credit/debit card?

If you made your payment through WebAdvisor then your refund will be returned directly to your card. If your payment was processed as an Ecommerce transaction (your receipt will indicate EVIS, EMC, EAMX, OR EDIS as the payment method) then your payment will be refunded to your card. If your payment was processed as a non-Ecommerce transaction (your receipt will indicate VIS or MC as the payment method) then your refund will be mailed four to six weeks from the date that the refund occurred. Please make sure that your contact information is correct by contacting the Student Records and Registrar or updating your information via WebAdvisor.

How can I pay my tuition and fees?

Payments may be made by cash, personal check, money order, and credit card. Please refer to the Business Office's Payment Options for more information.

I bought a new car, can I use the same parking decal?

No, you will need to update the Business Office with any change in vehicle information. For more information regarding parking at CCCC, refer to the Parking section of this website.

I have been notified that I have a Business Office hold, what do I do?

Contact Collections Services in the Business Office to obtain information regarding any Business Office hold. View more information about Collections Services and contact information.

I have not received my refund check, what do I do?

You must wait at least 10 business days before notifying the Business Office. If you have not received your refund check and you have checked with your post office; then contact the Business Office to sign an affidavit. After signing an affidavit stating that the student did not receive a mailed check, another check will be issued in the next check run. Checks are usually processed every two weeks.

Where can I obtain a parking sticker?

Parking stickers can be obtained in the Business Offices at the Lee, Harnett, and Pittsboro campuses. For all parking information, visit the Parking section of the website.

Where can I park on the Lee Main Campus?

Students should only park in the white-lined spaces. Students will be assessed a $5.00 fine when parking in faculty and staff spaces or other designated, reserved, or no parking areas (such as Cosmetology patron parking or Visitor parking). The Lee Main Campus has an overflow gravel parking lot available beside CCCC's Marketing Department (the brick house).

What is the cost to obtain a parking sticker?

There is no additional cost to obtain a parking sticker. Parking decal fees are included within the required student fees.

What are my tuition payment options?

For a full list of tuition payment options, visit the Payment Options section of this website.