Business Office

Payment Options

Sponsorship (Third Party Payor)

Sponsorship Policies:

  • Central Carolina Community College will accept sponsorship agreements in lieu of payment, but the student is responsible for a balance owed if the sponsoring agency does not remit full payment.
  • Sponsor letter of authorization must be on company letterhead and include the student's name, last four digits of Social Security and/or Student ID number, sponsor's billing address, Federal Tax ID #, contact person, phone number, list of specific charges that are covered, and any restrictions.
  • Submission of a new letter of authorization is required each semester.

Sponsored Student Procedures:

  • Sponsored students should plan accordingly by obtaining the sponsor's authorization letter and submitting the letter to the Business Office by the date payment is due. If the student does not have the letter upon registering, the student may ask the sponsor to fax the authorization letter to (919) 718-7460.
  • It is the student's responsibility to make sure the Business Office receives the letter. The Business Office cannot process a student's sponsorship without the letter from the sponsor. If the sponsor does not submit the letter by the payment due date and the student does not have financial aid, the student must pay for classes in full or use the deferred payment plan.
  • If the sponsor letter is not on file by the payment due date, the student is subject to the deregistration of classes policy.

Sponsorship Office:

  • Lee Main Campus
  • Hockaday Hall, Building 09
  • Phone: 919-718-7217
  • Fax: 919-718-7460