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Sculpture degree students’ art featured

04.11.2006Arts & EntertainmentCurriculum Programs

SILER CITY — The artwork of second-year students from the CentralrnCarolina Community College (CCCC) Sculpture program will be shown inrnthis year's annual exhibit entitled "Beyond the Obvious" at Crocker'srnMark Gallery in Raleigh. 

The CCCCrnstudents exhibiting in this year's show are Camille Barden, Pittsboro;rnLisa Beavers, Liberty; Travis Cohn, Durham; Ana Howard, Siler City;rnLuke Jacks, Pittsboro; and Emily MacFadyen and Carlyne Thomas, SilerrnCity.  Student work will be presented in ceramics, welded and castrnmetal and recycled bicycle tires. 
The exhibit will bernopen April 24 - 29.  Students will host a reception at Crocker’s MarkrnGallery with light refreshments and live music Friday, April 28, from 7rnto 11 p.m.; the public is invited to attend this free event.

Crocker'srnMark Gallery is located at 613 West Morgan Street.  A map andrndirections may be obtained by viewing the contact information or by calling (919) 834-4961. 

The CCCC Associate in Applied Science Degree in Professional Arts and Crafts:
rnSculpture ( is unique within thernstate of North Carolina.  It is the only associate degree in sculpturernoffered through the North Carolina Community College System.

Partrnof what distinguishes this art degree from others in the state is itsrnfocus on developing the entrepreneurial skills of its recipients whilernalso building their artistic and technical abilities. 

CCCCrnstudents take classes in marketing and business plan writing as well asrnclasses considered to be more typical for artists such as 3-D design,rnmetal sculpting and ceramic glaze formulation. 

ThernCCCC Professional Arts and Crafts: Sculpture degree program attracts arnwide-ranging student body.  Current students include career changernprofessionals, established artists and young adults engaged in theirrnfirst college experience. 

Former Navyrnveteran and current ceramic tile artist Lisa Beavers says, "Thisrnprogram is allowing me to move in new directions during my mid-lifernyears.  I look forward to having these skills as I set up my studio atrnhome and involve my children in my new career."

Forrnmore information about this degree program, contact lead CCCC Sculpturerninstructor Dan Rhode at or (919) 742-4156.