Registrar's Office


When do classes start?
Central Carolina Community College creates a semester calendar that details the beginning of classes as well as other important dates for each semester. This calendar can be viewed online at
What is a minimester session?
The Fall and Spring semesters are comprised of two 8-week minimester sessions. Courses offered in minimester format will be an accelerated 8-week course versus a regular semester course that is 16 weeks in length. The Summer semester only has one 8-week minimester session since the semester is only ten weeks in length.
How can I register early?
Returning students will see their Academic Advisor during the returning student advisement period each semester to obtain a class schedule that will be taken to the Registrar's Office.
New approved students (students who have all admission requirements completed and submitted) will register with an Admissions Counselor during their first semester only. This advisement period is usually one month before the next semester starts. All other students will register on open registration day.
Do I have to see my Academic Advisor to register for classes?
All returning students must see their Academic Advisor each semester. Your Academic Advisor is knowledgeable of your curriculum requirements and will be aware of any curriculum and/or class changes.
Can I register online for my classes?
Currently, we do not have the capability for students to register online. Students residing within our three county service area of Lee, Harnett, and Chatham counties will need to register for courses at a Central Carolina Community College campus.
I would like to know more about the class I want to take. Where can I find course descriptions?
Course descriptions for all of the classes we offer are contained in the college catalog. The college catalog can be viewed online at
How many semester hours is considered full-time enrollment?
Twelve or more semester hours is considered full-time enrollment.
What is the difference between a seated class and a distance education class?
A seated class is conducted in a classroom on campus. A distance education class is conducted through the internet. Some internet courses may use several media formats, including DVDs or online videos.
Can I register for a class without the corresponding lab?
No, you must register for both the class and the lab.
Can I take the day class and the night lab?
No, students registering for a day class must take the day lab. Students registering for the night class must take the night lab. Labs are usually conducted at the same time on a different day or directly after the class lecture ends.
Do I have to take developmental classes?
Developmental classes are required if your placement test scores are below the minimum placement test scores required for your curriculum. Developmental classes are designed to improve a student's English and/or math capabilities so that they will be successful in their curriculum classes.
What is a Credit Hour?

According to CCCC policy, the College follows the requirements of the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges in awarding curriculum credit hours for instruction. The amount of credit hours awarded for each course at CCCC is determined by the North Carolina Community College System and listed in the Combined Course Library available on the System’s webpage.

Following is the NCCCS convention for awarding credit hours from course hours:

  • For every 16 classroom hours, one semester (credit) hour is awarded.
  • For every 32 hours of "experiential laboratory work," one semester (credit) hour is awarded.
  • For every 48 hours of "faculty directed laboratory work" one semester (credit) hour is awarded.
  • For every 48 clinical hours, one semester (credit) hour is awarded.
  • For every 160 work experience hours, one semester (credit) hour is awarded.

All Programs of Study meet the NCCCS requirement set forth in Statewide Curriculum Standards.