Dental Assisting

Meet the Students

"Being a college graduate means different things for people, but for me it means growth and change. I am a first generation college graduate in my family. I am the change. CCCC has made an impact on my life by giving me the tools to be successful in life. CCCC has prepared me to enter into my career with not only a specific skill set but knowledge and confidence. I will encourage future generations to be the change and follow their potential on becoming the best version of themselves."

Jacqueline, Dental Assisting Class of 2023

"I graduated from Central Carolina Community Colleges Dental Assisting Program in 2021. I am not a local, so I researched each of the schools that offered dental assisting programs in the area. I met with advisors from each school and fell in love with the family-oriented feeling that I received from the CCCC faculty. CCCC means so much to me because they reassure each student to put themselves and their families first. They are always understanding and will work endlessly with you to succeed. Life can be very difficult at times, but the faculty never falter. I am so thankful that I will be continuing my dental career with their dental hygiene program. I don't see my instructors as just individuals who provide an education but as mentors that are committed to see success in all aspects of my life."

Michala, DA Class of 2021

"I have loved my experience's in the CCCC dental programs. I completed the Dental Assisting Program in 2020. I continued into the Dental Hygiene Class of 2022. The CCCC faculty has a passion for teaching and helping students become successful clinicians. Becoming a part of the CCCC dental programs was the best decision for me and my future."

Macie, DA Class of 2020

"At Central Carolina Community College both the Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene teachers and staff are really passionate about teaching and want you to succeed as a student. They love their field and they strive to make the students the "best of the best" in the dental field as well. I graduated with the Dental Assisting class in 2020. I am currently in the dental hygiene program and look forward to graduation in 2022. "

Elizabeth, DA Class of 2020

"I had an amazing experience in the Dental Assisting Program, I have never worked so hard for something. The instructors were great and always willing to help and go the extra mile. Not only did I learn a great deal about dental assisting as a career, but I learned about myself throughout the journey."

Brandy, DA Class of 2015

"After deciding to make a complete career change, choosing CCCC to earn my degree as a Dental Assistant was one of the best choices I could have ever made. Not only do the instructors care about your education but they care about who you are as a person and your future endeavors. You learn just as much about who you are as you learn how to become a PROFESSIONAL Dental Assistant."

Linda, DA Class of 2013

"I had a great experience in the CCCC Dental Assisting program. I really appreciated the opportunity to learn from the diverse dental offices. The small class sizes allowed me to have one on one time with my instructors and utilize the program to its fullest extent."

Kelly, DA Class of 2013

"Dental assisting school helped me become a vital part of the dental office that is fun and rewarding. Dentists know that I was trained properly and respect me and my skills. I am truly grateful to have been a part of the CCCC Dental Assisting program!"

Jessica, DA Class of 2009