Placemetn Testing

Central Carolina Community College administers the Accuplacer through the College Board. We have a custom test for our state called the North Carolina Diagnostic Assessment and Placement (NCDAP) test. This placement test is given to students enrolled in a curriculum program or to special credit students interested in taking English, Mathematics, or other courses that require an English or Mathematics prerequisite/corequisite.

The purpose of the test is to assess a student's ability and readiness for the requirements of the curriculum. Placement test scores are used for academic advisement and course placement, to include developmental courses if needed. Students are highly encouraged to study prior to testing.

Placement Testing Exemption/Waiver

A student may be exempt from the placement test by satisfying one of the following:

  • Submitting satisfactory SAT, ACT, Asset, or Compass scores within the last five years. These test scores must be sent officially from the testing service. The necessary scores needed can be viewed on the "Required Scores" document linked on the menu.
  • Submitting official college transcripts documenting the appropriate English and Math courses that permit exemption. Transcripts are official when our College receives them in a sealed envelope from the institution where the credit was earned.
  • Effective fall 2015: New students who submit an application for the fall 2015 semester will be reviewed in accordance with the Multiple Measures policy.

Scheduling a Placement Test

The placement test may be scheduled online by visiting or calling or visiting your closest campus:

  • Lee Main Campus (919) 718-7300
  • Chatham Main Campus* (919) 545-8029
    • *If you plan to schedule a placement test on the Chatham Campus, please call (919) 545-8029, as they don't accept online appointments.
  • Harnett Main Campus (910) 814-8863

Keep in mind when scheduling a 4 p.m. testing time slot, you may only take the Math or English placement exam, not both.

Testing Room Information

  • View the complete Placement Testing Policies.
  • You should arrive 15 minutes before the start of testing. If you arrive late, you will need to reschedule.
  • A photo ID must be presented prior to testing.
  • No food, drink, gum, or cough drops may be brought in the testing room.
  • Pencils and scrap paper will be provided.
  • It takes approximately four hours to complete both the NCDAP English and NCDAP Math tests. Some students work much more quickly and some take significantly longer. In most cases, you may take both parts of the test in one day, or you may choose to schedule the parts separately.
  • The WritePlacer (essay) portion of the NCDAP English is the only timed portion of the test. It allows a maximum time limit of two hours. It will provide a 10 minute warning before the end of the two hours. DO NOT USE THE TAB KEY during the essay as this will submit your composition.

Procedures may vary at each campus.