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Jones new head of CCCC Small Business Center

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Michael Jones brings a strong background to his new position as Small Business Center director for ... (more)

05.28.2013Admin, Faculty & Staff College General

SANFORD - Michael Jones brings a strong background to his new position as Small Business Center director for Central Carolina Community College.

Jones, now residing in Sanford, was the SBC director at Pamlico Community College prior to moving to CCCC in April. Before Pamlico, he worked with the N.C. Department of Commerce as an Existing Industry specialist, advising business owners in 16 counties of state and local programs that could help grow their businesses.

Before going into government and education, he was an entrepreneur and business owner, successfully turning two start-up ventures into nationally known companies. His consulting practice in Winston-Salem specialized in providing human resource programs and services to small and mid-size businesses throughout the nation.

"I saw this position at CCCC as an opportunity to move to a larger college and to a service area with more business activity and potential entrepreneurs," Jones said. "Having been through the ups and downs of owning my own business, I can really relate to and counsel prospective entrepreneurs. I'm a firm believer in the important role that continuing education and counseling for business owners can play in economic development, job creation and retention."

He also wants to establish the college's Small Business Center in Lee, Harnett and Chatham Counties as economic drivers through the establishment of a business alliance with economic development corporations, chambers of commerce and tourism boards, so all could work together on a regional basis.

"We're all trying to accomplish the same goals so there's no reason to try to operate independently of each other," he said.

He was able to achieve that goal at Pamlico and believes the concept would work very well in CCCC's service area.

"Mike has demonstrated an ability to effectively problem solve, build community, and is an experienced small business owner himself," said Dr. Pam Senegal, CCCC vice president of Economic and Community Development. "We anticipate that he will inspire confidence amongst our various small business stakeholders and will have a positive impact on our region's economic development."

For more information about the CCCC Small Business Center, contact, in Lee County - 919-774-6442 or; in Harnett County - 910-892-2884 or; and in Chatham County - 919-545-8013 or