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CCCC awards N.C. Career Readiness Certificates

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Central Carolina Community College awarded its first N.C. Career Readiness Certificates at a ceremony ... (more)

10.13.2008College & Community

LILLINGTON - Central Carolina Community College's Human Resources Development (HRD) Department has awarded its first North Carolina Career Readiness Certificates.

The 21 certificate recipients now have a state-recognized credential certifying their workforce skill levels in applied math, reading for information, and locating information. These three areas have been identified by employers nationwide as essential foundational skills needed in the workplace for job placement and career advancement, as well as for the development of a skilled workforce.

The skill levels are based on ACT Inc.'s WorkKeys(R) national job skills assessment system, which analyzed 5,000 job profiles to determine the skill levels needed for jobs.

Based on the WorkKeys(R) assessments, a person receives a gold, silver or bronze-level certificate stating the exact skill levels the person has in the assessed areas. Gold indicates that the person has the assessed skill levels required in 90 percent of jobs; silver, skills required for 65 percent; and bronze, 35 percent.

"Receiving this certification is a starting point for me to be able to compete in a global economy," Ricky Smith, of Lillington, said at the Aug. 14 ceremony at the college's Harnett County Campus. He received a gold certificate, the highest level. "I am entering my freshman year at East Carolina University, and in 2012, I will be joining the workforce full-time. The assessment has allowed me to see what I am strong in and what I need to improve upon in order to be the most effective employee."

Those seeking work or promotions can take their certificates to prospective or current employers to verify that they have the literacy, math and problem-solving skill levels needed for a position. The CRC saves employers time and cost by hiring workers who have the skill level needed, said Pamela Gobel, state CRC coordinator, who helped to present the certificates.

The CRC also maintains a statewide database. It serves as an economic development tool by enabling industries to check, by geographic area, zip code, skill levels, and other criteria, exactly where the workers are who have the needed skill levels.

The CRC training and assessment program was established by the college's HRD Program in 2008 with a $28,000 grant from the North Carolina Community College System.

The North Carolina Workforce Development Commission sponsors the CRC in partnership with the NCCCS, Workforce Development Boards, JobLink Career Centers, Employment Security Commission, and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. NCCCS Workforce Initiatives Director Stephanie Deese and Mid-Carolina Workforce Development Board Program Manager Yvette German were also in attendance at the ceremony.

For more information on the Career Readiness Certificate, contact Phyllis Huff, HRD Director/CRC Administrator, (919) 776-7323, ext. 31, or 1-800-682-8353; or Nicole Brown, HRD Instructor/CRC Coordinator at (910) 814-8852 or 1-800-682-8353.

Those receiving N.C. Career Readiness Certificates were:
Gold - Matthew Munoz, Christy Parker, and Rickey Smith, all of Harnett County, and Amanda Matthews, of Lee County;

Silver - Roberta Veronica Chappelle, Joshua Davis, Ashley Dean, Kelly Gazlay, Gina Jernigan, Abraham Lowe, Candace McNeill, Autumn Meadows, Sara Rook,
Kathy Stanley, Theresa Jan West, and Linda Williams, all of Harnett County;

Bronze - Peggy Covington, Jalessa McDougald, Bessie McNeill, Ashley Richards, and Rayvon Terrell, all of Harnett County.