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CCCC's Brown named NCCCS 2008 Teacher of Excellence

CCCC's Brown named NCCCS 2008 Teacher of Excellence

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Jessica Brown, science instructor at CentralrnCarolina Community College

10.10.2008Admin, Faculty & Staff

SANFORD — Jessica Brown, science instructor at CentralrnCarolina Community College, has been awarded the 2008 Excellence in TeachingrnAward by the North Carolina Community College System.

She is the first Central Carolina C.C. instructor to receivernthis prestigious award, which recognizes a full-time teacher in the NCCCS whornexemplifies the highest standards of instruction and professionalism in thernclassroom and who consistently demonstrates excellence in service to theirrncollege and community.

The Excellence in Teaching Award will be presented at thernNCCCS’s Day of Recognition Program on Nov. 21 in Raleigh.

“I am overwhelmed and humbled at the same time at receivingrnthis award,” Brown said. “It is truly a blessing and an honor for myself andrnthe college.”

Brown said she has lived and breathed biology from an earlyrnage. Her father, Jim Hall, was a biology instructor at Central PiedmontrnCommunity College for 33 years before retiring in 2001.

“I thought it was normal when you went fishing with your dadrnthat an anatomy lesson on fish followed catching them,” she said. “Biology isrnall around us and we interact with it every day. I think everyone should lovernbiology as much as I do.”

Brown received her bachelor’s degree in animal science inrn1997 from NCSU and her M.S. in Animal Physiology from Clemson University inrn1999. She will soon receive her M.S. in Forensic Science from the University ofrnFlorida.

Since 2001, Brown has been a full-time faculty member,rnsharing her love and enthusiasm for biology with her students on the college’srnLee County Campus, helping them appreciate and understand how it impacts theirrndaily life. She also teaches anatomy, physiology and forensic science.

“The selectionrncommittee was impressed with the quality of your application and the dedicationrnyou give your students, college, and community,” said Dr. R. Scott Ralls, NCCCSrnpresident, in a letter announcing her selection. “Your qualifications andrnachievements are exemplary. (The winner is) selected from the most academicallyrngifted faculty in the North Carolina Community College System. We applaud yourrncommitment to excellence in teaching.”

Brown was previously selected as the college’s Instructor ofrnthe Year. Each of North Carolina’s 58 community colleges selects an Instructorrnof the Year and the NCCCS chooses the recipient of the Excellence in TeachingrnAward from this group. Among the criteria used in selecting the winner are: howrnthey motivate students for successful learning, how they help students developrnas well-rounded persons, use of technology in the classroom, professionalrndevelopment activities, leadership beyond the classroom related to teaching,rnpast recognitions and awards, and job behaviors that contribute to student,rncollege and system success.

From the responses to these criteria, the NCCCS selects 10rnsemi-finalists, then reduces that to five finalists through interviews. Fromrnthese, the winner is chosen.

Other finalists for the NCCCS 2008 Excellence in TeachingrnAward were Tim Haley, professor of music, Sandhills C.C.; Katherine Allen,rnSpecial Education/Early Childhood instructor, Blue Ridge C.C.; Cathy Cook,rnCommunications instructor, Rowan Cabarrus C.C.; and Maria Orsini, AssociaternDegree Nursing instructor, Vance-Granville C.C.