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Central Carolina PBL students win big at nationals

Central Carolina PBL students win big at nationals

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Three Phi Beta Lambda business student organization membersrnfrom Central Carolina Community College ... (more)

Central Carolina PBL students win big at nationals

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ThreernPhi Beta Lambda business student organization members from Central CarolinarnCommunity College ... (more)


SANFORD — Three Phi Beta Lambda members from CentralrnCarolina Community College placed among the top 10 in their categories atrnNational PBL Conference competitions in Atlanta the weekend of June 20.

PBL, a national business student organization, promotesrnbusiness leadership in its members. The conference attracted about 1,000rncompetitors from about 250 colleges and universities from around the nation.

Rose Orange, of Cameron, a business administration major,rnplaced fourth in the nation in the Business Plan Competition. Orange won withrnher plan for her new garden accessories business, Topiary Rose. She hadrnpreviously won first place in the North Carolina state PBL competition.

Nico Boncales, of Sanford, a business administration major,rnand Gerald Cole, of Lemon Springs, an operations management major, placed tenthrnnationally in the Business Ethics Competition. They did a case study onrnCountrywide Financial, the mortgage lender thatwas a major player in the subprime mortgage market collapse.

Boncales and Cole’s case study went against what theyrndescribed as “media hyperbole” against Countrywide. They researched the companyrnfrom its inception in 1968 to the present and developed succinct argumentsrnshowing that Countrywide had acted ethically in their dealings with theirrncustomers. Boncales and Cole previously took second place in the North Carolinarnstate PBL competition.

Rachael Martin, a business administration/accounting major,rnof Olivia, earned a national semi-finalist ranking for her performance on thernJustice Administration exam. This placed her in the top 25 among herrncompetitors at Nationals. Martin previously won first place in JusticernAdministration at the state competition.

“Accounting instructor and club co-advisor Drew Goodson andrnI are extremely proud of the PBL club and our national competitors,” said JohnnyrnShull, club co-advisor and business/economics lead instructor. “The wins speakrnvolumes about the quality of our business students and faculty at CCCC.”

Goodson and Shull accompanied the students to thernconference. Others attending from Central Carolina were PBL members AlexrnBenitez and Donna Flowers, both of Sanford, and Harnett Vice President JeremyrnHartman, of Erwin. Benitez and Flowers competed in several open events.