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CCCC Pittsboro holds Activity Day

CCCC Pittsboro holds Activity Day

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Brian Wall, of Pittsboro, a student at Central Carolina CommunityrnCollege’s Pittsboro Campu ... (more)


PITTSBORO - One after another, students at the Central CarolinarnCommunity College Pittsboro Campus climbed on the back of a mechanicalrnbull. They remained only a few seconds.

Thernbull quickly went into motion and threw them to the inflated floor ofrnthe small ring, much to the amusement of friends and classmates whornwere watching the action.

The mechanicalrnbull was just one of the activities that students and staff enjoyedrnduring CCCC’s Fall Activity Day Tuesday at the Pittsboro Campus. Eachrnyear, toward the middle of the fall semester, the college uses onernafternoon at each of its campuses to encourage the students just tornenjoy themselves in the college setting.

“It’srna good chance to get the students and faculty outside of the classroom,rninteracting with each other and students from other curriculums andrnenjoying each other,” said Mike Neal, CCCC Student Activities Director.

The event was sponsored by the Student Government Association.

Atrnthe Pittsboro Campus, the theme of the day was “Music Fest” andrnparticipants were treated to both recorded music and live musicrnperformed by fellow students. While listening, they could also enjoyrnthe excitement of riding the bull or the whirly bird or the fun of arnbounce house.

When not playing, there were good things to eat - all free, including hamburgers and hot dogs.

Student Amy Andrews, of Siler City, described the Activity Day as “Wonderful!”

“We can be together and have fun,” she said. “It crosses cultural lines and brings unity.”

StudentrnLorenzo Cotton, of Pittsboro, was one of those who tried their skillrnwith the mechanical bull. He didn’t last very long, but it didn’trndampen his enthusiasm for the day.

 “I’m having a lot of fun - especially the bull riding,” he said with a big smile.