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CCCC Activity Day

CCCC Activity Day

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There were rides, music, cheering and free food at the Lee CountyrnCampus of Central Carolina Community ... (more)

CCCC Activity Day

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There were fun, rides, music, cheering and free food at the Lee CountyrnCampus of Central Carolina ... (more)


SANFORD - Central Carolina Community College students and staffrncelebrated the “Cougar Spirit” during Fall Activity Day Wednesday atrnthe Lee County Campus.

Each year, towardsrnthe middle of the fall term, classes are cancelled from noon to 4 p.m.rnone day and the afternoon is filled with fun activities, from a giantrnslide and bounce house to live entertainment.

“ActivityrnDay is great,” said Cosmetology student Brittanie Howell, of CarolinarnTrace. She had just climbed down from a wildrnupside-down-and-right-side-up trip on a carnival ride appropriatelyrncalled the Cartwheel. “It’s a great opportunity for students to getrntogether, hang out together and have fun. It makes them enjoy schoolrnmore. They can socialize and see the other side of the school.”

Studentsrnand staff overflowed the college’s cafeteria as they lined up for arndelicious - and free - lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs, and barbecuernchicken with the fixin’s.

Activity Daysrnare sponsored by the Student Government Association at each of therncollege’s campuses. At the Lee Campus, Cougar Cheerleaders turned uprnthe excitement with a great dance routine before an audience of severalrnhundred applauding students on the college’s quad. Not far away,rnscreams of laughter were heard as students bounced down a giantrninflated slide or were flipped upside down in the Cartwheel. Live andrnrecorded music were provided by the college’s broadcast students andrnits radio station, WDCC-90.5 FM.

At thernfront of the campus, a line of well-shined customized motorcycles, mostrnowned by students from the college’s motorcycle maintenance program,rnattracted attention. Their owners talked about why they loved theirrncycles.

“Motorcycles are the greatest,”rnsaid Jacob Scott, of Sanford, a program student. “When you’re riding,rnyou get a sense of freedom, knowing yourself and you have time tornreflect.”

Activity Day is also a greatrntime for the college clubs to make themselves better known and tornpromote and raise funds for their projects. Among them, the college’srnVeterinary Medical Technology students manned a table with informationrnon pet diseases and shots. Face painting was the Lady Cougar volleyballrnteam’s sport for Activity Day.

ThernAmbassadors sponsored a basketball shoot to raise money for promotingrndomestic violence awareness, giving small pumpkins as prizes. Rotaractrnsold cookies to raise money for HAVEN’s rape victim’s program and thernHuman Service Club sponsored a baked goods auction to raise money forrnits Alzheimer’s Memory Walk.

“Activity Dayrnis cool, a good way to get everyone together on campus to meet everyonernand have safe fun,” said Kathryn Hamel, an associate’s degree studentrnfrom Sanford.

What was the best part for her?

“The food,” she said with a big smile.