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Children’s play puts Goldilocks on trial

11.01.2006Arts & Entertainment

PITTSBORO — The Pittsboro Elementary School PTA and Central CarolinarnCommunity College theater students are kicking off their Thanksgivingrnbreak with some fun for the community: a special performance forrnchildren and their parents by the theater students of the short play,rn“Goldilocks on Trial.” The show takes place at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 21,rnin the Pittsboro Elementary multipurpose room.

Therncomedy opens with District Attorney Muffinhead charging poor Goldilocksrnwith breaking and entering. What follows is a series of testimonies byrnthe Three Bears, The Big Bad Wolf, and other fairytale characters in arnwacky kangaroo courtroom.

The play’srnscript provides comedy for both younger and older children. Admissionrnis free for children and $2 for adults at the door. The school isrnlocated at 375 Pittsboro Elementary School Road.