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CCCC Chatham Campus hosts Activity Day


Sapphire Devore, of Pittsboro, was among the Central Carolina CommunityrnCollege students who pitted their skills against the Bull Rider at therncollege’s SGA Activity Day at the Chatham County Campus Oct. 2. Thernpurpose of the annual afternoon of fun is to give students anrnopportunity to relax, build school spirit and friendships, and justrnenjoy being on campus. The Bull Rider was one of several activitiesrnenjoyed by the students. In addition to playing, students were served arnfree lunch in the Student Lounge. A scarecrow decorating contest wasrnalso part of the event. The winners were (pictured) ‘Most SchoolrnSpirit” by the SGA, a cowboy scarecrow sporting a college B.A.S.I.C.S.rn(Building All Skills In College Students) T-shirt, and ‘Most Original,’rnby the drama students, a scarecrow dressed in black with wings.