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Beginning today, Monday, September 14, 2015, the College Success Center will be located in the Academic Assistance Center in Science 9111.

The College Success Center provides an individualized experience for student learners based on their academic and career goals. Through collaboration with CCCC Faculty and Administration, Success Coaches focus their efforts on the First Year Experience including Pre-College and Academic Planning, Extended Orientation Courses, and New Student Orientation. Through the use of technology and in-person meetings, Success Coaches provide short and long-term support in academic planning process. This results in the student's empowerment to make independent decisions. In doing so, the College Success Center consistently evaluates and adapts its practices to uphold the mission of the institution and needs of our students for maximum retention, persistence, and student success.

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Cougar Workshops

Cougar Workshops are aimed at helping students develop as independent, self-confident, efficient learners through improved study skills and academic performance which can aid in success in college and life. Please join us for our upcoming workshops.

    • Technology Bootcamp
    • August 28 10:00am-2:00pm
    • Location: Classroom & Fitness Center, Room 813
    • Do you still need help accessing Cougarmail, Blackboard, Web Web Advisor, Aviso, Upswing, or Microsoft Office? Yes? Then come by for our Technology Bootcamp and let us get you into shape!
    • College Level Writing, Research and Citation
    • September 2 10:00am-2:00pm
    • Location: Library Computer Lab
    • Academic writing can be confusing and intimidating--save yourself some headache and stop by our College Level Writing workshop. The workshop will explain the pitfalls of plagiarism, the right way to research, and the certified way to cite sources (both APA and MLA). Bring your own research project (an assignment from any class) and receive specialized attention for your writing related concerns