Minority Male Success Initiative CCCC Brothers of Excellence

As part of the institutional strategic mission, Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) is committed to learning by providing broad and intentionally planned access to its programs and services, and to removing barriers to enrollment and progression. Additionally, the plan requires a commitment to student success by supporting and assisting students in achieving their educational goals. The Minority Male Success Initiative launched in 2016 and has supported continued student success through the implementation of a successful CCCC Coaching Model.

In 2021, the Minority Male Success Initiative experienced a redesign to further enhance student outcomes. CCCC Brothers of Excellence was formed. Here at Central Carolina Community College the Brothers of Excellence is dedicated to increasing access, inclusion, and overall student success for minoritized males.


The mission of CCCC Brothers of Excellence is to increase intentional engagement and connect minoritized males to resources, services, and opportunities that are designed to strengthen student outcomes. This mission will be met by mentoring, success coaching, and collaboration among student participants, institutional departments, and community partners.


To foster an environment of inclusion that increases awareness of the challenges facing minoritized males and provides exposure to academic, personal, and career-based opportunities for minoritized male students enrolled at Central Carolina Community College.


  • Increase the progression of minoritized male students along their academic pathway.
  • Increase the utilization of academic resources and services to ensure student learning.
  • Promote campus participation and the usage of campus resources.
  • Facilitate intentional engagement with students and foster a sense of community.

2024/2025 CCCC Brothers of Excellence Initiatives

  • Participate in the Annual BOE Pinning Ceremony-Spring 2024 Semester 4/25/2024 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Got Questions?

For more information about CCCC Brothers of Excellence, please contact:

  • Jalen Cheek
    • Education Navigator, CCCC Brothers of Excellence Mentor
    • jchee531@cccc.edu
    • Chatham Main Campus
  • Jonathan Silva