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CCCC's Phi Beta Lambda inducts newest members

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Click to enlarge,  Newly inducted members of the Central Carolina Community College Phi Beta Lambda chapter.

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Newly inducted members of the Central Carolina Community College Phi Beta Lambda chapter.

Click to enlarge,  Officers of the Central Carolina Community College Phi Beta Lambda chapter.

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Officers of the Central Carolina Community College Phi Beta Lambda chapter.

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SANFORD - Central Carolina Community College's Phi Beta Lambda chapter recently inducted its newest members.

Phi Beta Lambda is the national organization for students in post-secondary schools and colleges who are enrolled in business, office, and business education programs. PBL is an integral part of the instructional program and promotes civic and personal responsibility.

Outgoing Chapter President Ivory Moore said that we must have leaders in our society. "The future of our country depends on the quality of leadership we produce, so you must learn to recognize the situations in which your individual talents become useful," he said. "Phi Beta Lambda emphasizes the duty of its members to prepare for the great task of leadership in the years ahead."

Vice President Genesis Santini reminded members of the PBL purposes: to develop competent, aggressive leadership; to strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work; to encourage members in the development of individual projects which contributed to the improvement of home, business, and community; to develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism; to encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty; to assist students in the establishment of occupational goals; and to facilitate the transition from school to work.

Moore announced the new CCCC PBL officers: Dylan Hargis, President; Genesis Santini, Vice President; Keyon Jones, Parliamentarian; Joshua Panee, Historian; and James Crump, Public Relations Officer.

Hargis, in his remarks, noted a quote from John Quincy Adams: "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

"Tonight, you have accepted that challenge and, in PBL, you will find the tools to prepare for the future," said Hargis. "I look forward to working with each one of you and welcome you to the chapter."

CCCC PBL chapter advisers Michael Fann, Diane Kannarr, Shirley Rijkse, Pam Riddle, and Amber Thomas were recognized. CCCC President Dr. T. Eston Marchant presented opening remarks.

CCCC PBL members are Jamesha Allen, Magali Alvarado, Sandra Alvarado, Douglas Amrhein, Alex Arciniega, Salvador Bahena, Bradley Baker, Iellani Barton, Joel Benetiz, Kelly Boone, Thad Brandt, Gail Brown, Tywanda Bryant, Kiara Bynum, Jennifer Cappelleti, Alejandra Ceron, Eleazar Chavez, Jeremy Clarke, Samantha Cook, Cris Contreras, James Crump, Leonardo Cruz, Solae Davila, Amiracles Demby, Alexandra Dick, and Emilia Dick.

Also, Kimberly Dudley, Brynn Dunlap, Brian Enriquez, Jimmy Fleming, Susan Foster, Destiny Freeman, Ashely Foutz, Rebecca Foutz, Christian George, Julia Gietzen, Tonia Gillis, Franklin Gomez, Scott Gorman, Daniel Goss, Alexus Gray, Khalil Grant, Angel Green, Jiame Guillergan, Matthew Hamilton, Dylan Hargis, and Harrison Hargis.

Also, Jamel Harris, Joseph Harris, Renada Hendon, Chase Henry, Erin Huff, Amber Huff, Haleigh Hunt, Rebecca Hyland, Joseph Johnson, Keyon Jones, Daria Jordan, Evan Kannarr, Mark Keily, Meghan Keister, Andrea Kelly, Cherie Kelly, Kathy Kemper, Chynna Lancaster, Kathleen Landman, Matthew Lane, and Philene Law.

Also, Scott Lewis, Burt Lucas, Dazym Martinez-Rodriguez, Lorena Martinez-Sanchez, Sharon Martin, David McAllister, Diana Macedo, Ashley Miller, Joe Miller, Ivory Moore, Rodney Moore, Savannah Moore, Victoria Moore, Marybel Morales, Richard Morton, Joshua Natte, Adam Nunnery, Joshua Panee, Jonathon Pena, Josue Pena, Dean Relkin Perez, Robert Richard, Dazym Rodriguez, Matthew Rogers, Rebecca Rover, and Jennifer Ruiz.

Also, Carlos Sanchez, Genesis Santini, Adam Simeth, Kerry Smith, Ismael Santos, Cecelia Stanfield, Leonard Stanley, Amy Strum, Armanita Taylor, Cherrokie Taylor, Christy Tercero, Grisella Ventura, Jermaine Walker, KC Weston, Christopher Wilkes, Lynn Williams, Timira Williams, Ryan Wright, and Kelly Zelaya.

For more information about Phi Beta Lambda, contact faculty advisor Mike Fann at or 919-718-7468