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CCCC Summer Graduation list

Notice: This article is older than 12 months. Names, contact information, programs, titles, etc. might have changed. If you have any problems please call the main college number, 1-800-682-8353, and we will be happy to direct you accordingly.


SANFORD — Central Carolina Community College held its Summer Graduation on August 5 at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center. The following received degrees, certificates and/or diplomas. 

The graduates are listed by county and credential received. 

Chatham County

Associate in Arts: Amanda Thomas.

Associate in Applied Science: Alternative Fuels: Biofuels — Jamie Culberson, Office Administration — Cynthia Dixon, Network Technology — John Gunter, Veterinary Medical Technology — Paisley Latham, Early Childhood Education — Priscilla Martin, and Early Childhood Education/Teacher Associate — Edward Casey.

Certificate: Sustainable Agriculture — Maggi Brady; Payroll Accounting — Martha Strickland; Insurance Coding, Network Operating Systems, Network Infrastructure, Network Security, Voice Over IP, and Telecommunications Installation and Maintenance — John Gunter; Small Office/Home Office — Justin Blackwelder; Receptionist and Information/Word Processing — Cynthia Dixon; Computer Aided Drafting and Computer Aided Manufacturing — Anthony Russell; Cosmetology — Virginia Weaver; Child Care Worker and Infant/Toddler Care — Priscilla Martin; and Child Care Worker — Edward Casey.

Diploma: Network Technology and Telecommunications Maintenance/Installation — John Gunter; Office Administration — Cynthia Dixon; Paralegal Technology — Tiffany Holloman; Dental Assisting — Billie Sumrell, Alisha Cheek and Tonyia Adcock; Industrial Systems Technology — Josh Sirls; Early Childhood — Edward Casey and Priscilla Martin; Medical Assisting — John Alston, Della Waite and Jessica Oxendine; and, Practical Nursing — Kathie Foushee, Amber Hussey, Paula Corns, Carol Alston and Makia Vitaro;

Cumberland County

Associate in Arts: Brandon Booth and Jennifer Dalton.

Associate in Applied Science: Mechanical Engineering — Edgar Meza Melendez, Veterinary Medical Technology — Amber Gardner, and Criminal Justice Technology — Anita Navarro.

Certificate: Insurance Coding, Receptionist, and Information/Word Processing — Amanda Palmer; Bioprocess Technology — Wesley Kelly; and Library Basics — Christine McDonald.

Diploma: Paralegal Technology — Andrea Johnson and Medical Assisting — Malissa Turnage.


Edgecombe County

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — Sara Turner.

Guilford County

Associate in Arts: Dawn Humphrey.

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — Cheryl Coble.

Harnett County

Associate in Arts: Brittany Staton and Tracy Coleman.

Associate in Applied Science: Business Administration — Leslie Jarman and Reno Leggett; Human Resources Management — Brandi Brown; Medical Office Administration — Leslie Flowers; Mechanical Engineering — Dan Chappell and Kyle Horrell; Veterinary Medical Technology — Jasmin Walthour and Ashley Wiginton; Industrial Systems/Bio-Maintenance — Travis Faircloth; and, Criminal Justice Technology — Joshua Mize, Jessica Moseley and Erica Boyd.

Certificate: Payroll Accounting, Small Business Financial Advisor, and Income Tax Preparer — Ruby Gaines: Entrepreneur — Eisha Lank; Insurance Coding — Leslie Flowers; Receptionist — Crystal Hunt; Information and Word Processing — Frances Tew and Crystal Hunt; Electrical Controls, Industrial Hydraulics and Programmable Login/Controls — Travis Faircloth; Bioprocess Technology — Christy Patterson and Steven Smith; Barbering — Maurice McLaughlin, Keith McDougald and Broderick Cox; Basic Law Enforcement — Matthew Young; and Cosmetology — Jennifer Maxwell and Kimberly Spell.


Diploma: Accounting — Ruby Gaines; Office Administration — Crystal Hunt; Dental Assisting — Heather Powell, Macey Tart and Kathryn Bowen; Medical Assisting — Jill Olive, Annie Ragland, Tara McKoy, Margaret Harris, Amanda Hall, Dayna Lee, Tena Glover, Sandra Baker, and Kerry Mountcastle; Practical Nursing — Brian Rupp, Holly Worrell, and Brittany Hodge; Industrial Systems Technology — Travis Faircloth; Early Childhood — Gloria Abrams; and Motorcycle Mechanics — Jeffrey Cook.

Hertford County

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — Kristen Ward.

Johnston County

Certificate: Barbering — Sean O’Brien, Basic Law Enforcement — Robert Parks, and Child Care Worker and Infant/Toddler Care — Tanesha Council.

Lee County

Associate in Arts: Wesley Crosby, Candace Waddell, Benjamin Gage, Binna Lee, James Dowd, Daysi Mejia, Catherine Woelfle, Jennifer Simpson and Amanda Carter.

Associate in Science: Codie Gillum and Paola Andino.

Associate in Applied Science: Business Administration — Tommy Bridges Jr.; Office Administration — Kathy Huggins; Paralegal Technology — Karen Kehagias; Veterinary Medical Technology — Angela Quintana, Stephanie Davis, Lindsey Stanko, Ashley Lincoln, Kelly Barber, Stephanie Milich, Taylor Kennedy, Jamie Eurell, Megan Morgan, and Christie Lieberman; Bioprocess Technology — Rey Serrano; BioQuality Technology — Christina Bussard; Criminal Justice Technology — Stephen Blell, Michael Varano and Tiffany Johnson; Early Childhood Education — Sonya McLaughlin, Hyacinth Rose, Tamiko Williams and April Thomas; and Early Childhood Education/Teacher Associate — Hyacinth Rose. 

Certificates: Payroll Accounting — Melissa Battle and Cordilia Murchison; Small Business Financial Advisor I  — Melissa Battle; Income Tax Preparer — Melissa Battle and Cordilia Murchison; Insurance Coding — Candis Long; Receptionist — Stephanie Newby, Laura Rogers, Kathy Huggins and Hazel Headen; Information and Word Processing — Stephanie Newby, Laura Rogers, Samantha Taylor, Hazel Headen, and Kathy Huggins; Barbering — Darryl Thompson, Brian Horton and Victor Ingram; Basic Law Enforcement — Samuel Mauldin, Kevin Julich, Billy Clark and Adam Hurley; Child Care Worker — April Thomas, Yolanda Womble and Tamiko Williams; Infant/Toddler Care — Hyacinth Rose, Tamiko Williams and April Thomas; and Automotive Restoration — Jordan Coggins.  

Diplomas: Accounting — Melissa Battle and Cordilia Murchison; Business Management — Melissa Battle; Office Administration — Laura Rogers and Kathy Huggins; Dental Assisting — Christina Murray, Wendy Wilson and Dana Daniels; Medical Assisting — Vickie Richmond, Lisa Hall, Shanikaquea Wilson, Brittany Bradford, Sinora Kirby, Crystal Wall, Ashley Brown, Angelica Saucedo, Christi Koch, and Danielle Shorb; Practical Nursing — Nicolette Fore, Christa Honeycutt, Wanda Hockaday, Lakeschia Harrington, Heather Yow and Candace Whitley; Early Childhood — Hyacinth Rose, Tamiko Williams and April Thomas; Automotive Restoration — Jordan Coggins and Justin Howard; and Motorcycle Mechanics — William Palme.

Mecklenburg County

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — Jenna Bemont.

Montgomery County

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — April Scott.

Certificate: Barbering — Lorenza Townsend.

Moore County

Associate in Applied Science: Paralegal Technology — Megan Rosser; Veterinary Medical Technology — Kristin Meyer, Marissa Sauber and Emily Riggs.

Diploma: Dental Assisting — Melissa Seawell, Medical Assisting — Turquoise Skillern, and Practical Nursing — Lori Rouse.

Onslow County

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — Brandie Tingley. 

Orange County

Associate in Applied Science: Sustainable Agriculture — Robert Jordan.

Randolph County

Diploma: Practical Nursing — Steven Carter and Lara Dickens.

Richmond County

Associate in Applied Science: Criminal Justice Technology — Lang Harrison;

Diploma: Barbering — Angela Preslar.

Sampson County

Certificate: Barbering — Jed Hannigan.

Diploma: Medical Assisting — Shaneeka Demps and Tasha Demps, and Motorcycle Mechanics — Brandon Underwood.

Wake County

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — Dianne Waunsch and Bailey Moore.

Certificate: BioQuality — Adrian Alston, Basic Law Enforcement — Luke Scala and Thomas Bass.

Diploma: Dental Assisting — Danaesha Johnson; Medical Assisting — Heather Lamm, Kristi Brandon, and Kristy Dickens; Practical Nursing — Caitlin Nyland; and Barbering — James Fenner.

Wayne County

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — Stephanie Lewis.