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Julian Philpott, CCCC Trustee Chair, receives NCCCS's I.E. Ready Award

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Click to enlarge,  Julian Philpott, Central Carolina Community College Board of Trustees Chair, has been named recipient of this year's North Carolina Community College System's I.E. Ready Award.

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Julian Philpott, Central Carolina Community College Board of Trustees Chair, has been named recipient ... (more)

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SANFORD, N.C. - Julian Philpott, Central Carolina Community College Board of Trustees Chair, has been named recipient of this year's North Carolina Community College System's I.E. Ready Award.

The I.E. Ready Award was established by the State Board on Oct. 10, 1985, and was re-named for the first System President on April 9, 1987. It is given to individuals who have made a significant statewide contribution to the North Carolina Community College System.

"I am deeply honored to have received this award as I understand its significance in the North Carolina Community College System. My parents served as outstanding examples of being committed to providing service to others," said Chairman Philpott, a native of Davidson County, N.C. "Serving as a Trustee at Central Carolina Community College has offered me the opportunity to work with other dedicated Trustees who have always prioritized ensuring the best educational opportunities possible for the students at CCCC. I have tried to emphasize this priority along with other Trustees across the state who work with our wonderful educators at the 58 great community colleges across North Carolina. The support of our communities for our community colleges across the state is extremely important as I believe our community colleges serve as the best economic drivers in our communities and, for our students, they provide first-class educational opportunities."

Chairman Philpott has served on the CCCC board for 16 years, serving as the Board Chair since 2011. As Chair, he also serves as an active Trustee Representative on the CCCC Foundation Board of Directors. During that time, CCCC has added at least seven new buildings (some as entirely new sites), grown curriculum enrollment by 20 percent, and expanded the Foundation endowment principal by $3.6 million. As an attorney for more than 44 years, his legal knowledge and breadth of experience gives a unique and wide perspective in supporting both the Board of Trustees and Foundation Board of Directors. Chairman Philpott has always focused on transparency and ensuring both boards were fully advised in decision-making, allowing the college to grow with integrity and in a sustainable manner.

CCCC President Dr. Lisa M. Chapman said that Chairman Philpott has dedicated tremendous amounts of his time, talents, and dollars toward ensuring that our community colleges are able to lift the residents of North Carolina through economic mobility and serve the employers in our state, especially those related to agriculture and manufacturing. "He believes in community college education. He believes in our faculty and staff. He believes in our students," said Dr. Chapman. "We see this through his actions: whether he is found in the halls of the General Assembly tirelessly advocating for increased salaries for community college employees; or heard calling upon his many colleagues and friends in N.C. to invest in a community college initiative, or simply reading his annual Christmas story to children in the community -- Chairman Philpott walks the walk and that has made a difference."

North Carolina State Sen. Jim Burgin has served on the CCCC Board of Trustees along with Chairman Philpott. "Mr. Philpott and I have both served on the board of Central Carolina Community College, and during my time working with him, he has continually displayed the highest degree of honesty, integrity, and professionalism," said Sen. Burgin. "He has not only been a great advocate for the advancement of education in the state of North Carolina, but he has been a good friend to me as well."

Chairman Philpott's service has included working with the North Carolina Association of Community College Trustees (NCACCT). He has served on the NCACCT Executive Board for the last four years. He is Co-Chairman of the NCACCT Legislative Committee and serves as NCACCT's liaison to the State Board of Community College's Legislative Committee.

"There is no one who has advocated more strongly for our Community College System than Mr. Philpott," said Julie C. Woodson, NCACCT President/CEO. "He is a strong advocate for statewide legislative priorities and stays in constant communication with his legislative delegation as well as other legislators and other key decision-makers."