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CCCC celebrates, promotes National Advising Day

Click to enlarge,  Central Carolina Community College celebrated National Advising Day with activities on Tuesday, Oct. 5.

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Central Carolina Community College celebrated National Advising Day with activities on Tuesday, Oct. ... (more)

10.13.2021College & CommunityCollege General

SANFORD - Student success is paramount at Central Carolina Community College.

So, it was no surprise when a group of CCCC faculty and staff members came up with the idea of celebrating National Advising Day - the first college in the U.S. to celebrate such a day last year. Year two of the event was celebrated on Tuesday, Oct. 5. This year, a number of other colleges and universities joined CCCC in celebrating the day to promote the importance of advising as a key part of student success.

A team of CCCC faculty and staff planned the day, developed materials, and staged information sessions on all CCCC campuses to celebrate National Advising Day. A website ( and a Facebook Live session also saluted National Advising Day.

"Students who receive quality advising are usually more successful, are more likely to achieve their personal and academic goals, and have a better experience in higher education," said Scott Byington, CCCC Dean of University Transfer and Advising. "We like having a day where we celebrate the advisors who are doing so much to help students succeed and to make sure that those who know less about advising can learn more."

It is particularly noteworthy that other colleges and universities are now joining CCCC in celebrating National Advising Day. "We are proud that starting National Advising Day at CCCC has inspired other institutions to celebrate advising on the first Tuesday in October. We hope to continue to grow this event each year and celebrate more advising and advisors. Reminding students that they have an advisor who is interested in them, who wants to assist them with their goals, and is available to be a supportive resource as they navigate the college experience should happen at every college and university," says Byington.

Byington notes that advising is so important, especially in the community college setting. "Many community college students are facing additional challenges of working, managing a lot of family responsibilities and other obligations outside of school, and can benefit from working with an advisor who can help them better understand themselves, their goals, and can help them develop a plan to get there. We have so many career and transfer options and student support resources that is helpful to have an advisor assist each student with what they need."

Byington wants the public to know that CCCC cares about advising because the school cares about students. "We know that advising can be the difference in someone who is trying to reach their goals and we want to make sure we offer quality, professional advising as a way to provide individual attention and care to all of our students," he said.

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