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CCCC receives Aviso Aspire Award

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Click to enlarge,  Central Carolina Community College President Dr. Lisa M. Chapman holds the Aviso Aspire Award, given to CCCC by the Aviso Retention organization. Joining Dr. Chapman in the photo are CCCC faculty and staff members, left to right: front row, Denise Martin, Dee Dee Daughtry, Dr. Chapman, Dr. Cristy Holmes, Drew Goodson, and Meghan Brown; back row, Dr. Philip Price, Scott Byington, Seth Buchanan, Ken Hoyle, and Jairo McMican.

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Central Carolina Community College President Dr. Lisa M. Chapman holds the Aviso Aspire Award, given ... (more)

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SANFORD - Central Carolina Community College is recipient of the Aviso Aspire Award, the Aviso Retention organization has announced.

"The Aviso Aspire Award celebrates an Aviso Retention partner who has put forth emphasis on the importance of student success. We want to recognize an institution that has a significant impact, through innovation, commitments to internal training, dedication to continuous improvement with internal processes, and provides never-ending support to students," Aviso noted in its award announcement.

Aviso Retention is a student retention solution that helps colleges and universities solve some of the biggest challenges in higher education: keeping students engaged, optimizing the chances of student success, and increasing retention. Aviso does this in a holistic way, by combining proven coaching methodologies with supportive software tools and predictive analytics.

In 2012, Central Carolina Community College entered into partnership with Aviso Retention when CCCC was awarded a five-year, $1.65 million Title III Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP Grant) from the U.S. Department of Education. This grant helped to bring Success Coaching to CCCC.

This partnership continued to grow when CCCC was awarded only one of two validation grants by the Department of Education's First in the World (FITW) program in 2015. The goal of the grant, the Carolina Works Validation study, was to increase student persistence across 10 North Carolina Community Colleges. The Carolina Works Validation study came to a successful conclusion in 2020.

"CCCC has been a trailblazer with the Aviso Retention platform from the implementation of the early alert/case management technology to participating in the First in the World study through a Department of Education grant with Aviso Retention," according to the Aviso award announcement. "With their campus-wide support for Aviso Retention, CCCC has had transformative efforts in advising, coaching, and student support. The data from Aviso Retention shows the success of intrusive advising by success coaches coupled with the creation of student success plans and intentional student support. Since 2012, retention for CCCC has increased by an average of 9% for full-time students and 18% for part-time students. In addition to its outstanding student retention rates, CCCC's graduation rate has increased by 19%. This transformation shows the dedication and support CCCC has for holistic student success."

B. Seth Buchanan, CCCC Director of Academic Success and Aviso Administrator, said CCCC is honored to be the inaugural recipient of the Aviso Aspire Award. "Our partnership with Aviso Retention has helped us make positive strides in advising, coaching, and student support," said Buchanan. "CCCC's overall goal is to provide our students with the best possible support that we can to help ensure their success. This award represents the culmination of many years work in redefining how we as an institution support our students."

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