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CCCC Virtual Victories: Jillian Johnson succeeding during COVID-19 pandemic

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Click to enlarge,  Central Carolina Community College student Jillian Johnson says that her virtual learning experience has been very educational. Johnson is studying Health & Fitness Science at CCCC.

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Central Carolina Community College student Jillian Johnson says that her virtual learning experience ... (more)

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SANFORD - Jillian Johnson is a 37-year-old freshman at Central Carolina Community College, who previously had not attended school in the past 19 years.

Then came the COVID-19 pandemic.

Johnson, of Haw River, suddenly found herself in a virtual learning situation like her fellow CCCC students.

"My virtual learning experience has been very educational," said Johnson, who added that she had little knowledge about computers before beginning this semester.

"I now know how to write a word document, a cover letter for a resume, and much more. ... I am learning to use Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate. I am making the most of my situation, and trying to get straight A's in all of my classes, and am succeeding in my endeavors," said Johnson, who is studying Health & Fitness Science. "CCCC has really been a great support through this pandemic. I couldn't have done any of this without them. I want to be an Occupational Therapist, so it is my duty to learn ways to be productive in these isolated times."

Johnson said she is intrigued by the concept of virtual learning. "I think it is very cool to be miles apart and still be able to look someone in the eye, just like they were sitting right beside you," she said. "All of this is such a big learning experience, and I know it will pay off even more all throughout my life. Especially now in these ever changing times."

What's her favorite part of the virtual learning experience? "The thing I like most about virtual learning is the short commute from my home to my school -- since 'school' is located in the corner of my room," she said.

Once she graduates from CCCC, Johnson would like to attend a four-year school and then look toward a position in the health and fitness field. "The world is changing more and more every day. That means my plan for the future is also changing," she said. "No matter what happens I am in it for the long haul, and will continue to make the most out of my situation."

Johnson has praise for CCCC, calling it a top-notch school. "It has the nicest teachers that make it their duty to make sure you enjoy their classes and getting the most out of it. Even in these trying times, the faculty and staff have gone above and beyond to see that my needs are met. I have also been assigned a success coach and an academic advisor," said Johnson. "I chose this school over a number of other schools that would have been a lot closer to where I live. I knew it was the one for me right away."

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