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CCCC Honors Scholars student presents project

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Click to enlarge,  Emily Schofield, of Apex, has become the first student to complete a project as part of the Honors Scholars program at Central Carolina Community College.

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Emily Schofield, of Apex, has become the first student to complete a project as part of the Honors ... (more)

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SANFORD - Emily Schofield, of Apex, has become the first student to complete a project as part of the Honors Scholars program at Central Carolina Community College.

"In her presentation, Emily Schofield captured the state of genetic cloning at this time. Attendees of her presentation were treated to cutting edge information laid out in an easy to understand platform," said Dr. Terry Miller, CCCC Lead Instructor, Mathematics and Sciences. "Emily investigated this topic thoroughly and her information was accurate and generated several thought provoking questions from the audience on this intriguing topic. She made the case for genetic cloning, while not leaving out the pitfalls, which is an important consideration here."

Schofield said she choose this topic for her project because she found the subject of cloning interesting. "I have always been interested in the ethics of cloning, and while completing this project I found analyzing the methods used, and the success and failure that scientists have experienced using different methods, fascinating," said Schofield, who is a first-year student at CCCC. "I look forward to hearing more about breakthroughs and successes they may have with cloning in the future."

What did she learn from the project? "When I started this project I knew what cloning was, but I didn't know much about the methods used. While completing this project I learned so much about the methods used, the cells involved, successes they have had with cloning in the past, failures they have had and why it failed, the ethics of cloning, how cloning can be used, DNA and genes, problems with cloning, cell replication, reproduction, and just so much more than I could have imagined," she said.

Schofield, who wants to become a high school Biology teacher, said of her CCCC educational journey: "I have loved my time at CCCC because of the amazing staff. Every member of staff, whether they are an instructor or other faculty, are extremely talented and genuinely care about every student and are passionate about helping us succeed."

The Honors Scholars program at CCCC allows very high-performing students to challenge themselves academically. Students accepted into the program will chose four 16-week courses (no more than two per semester) over their academic career in which they will conduct an honors project under the guidance of the instructor for the course. These courses should be chosen with the guidance of the Honors Scholars director and should represent a variety of study areas. Each course must be completed with an overall grade of B or higher and requires the successful completion of the research project. Students will also be required to present the research from at least one course at either a local, regional or national level. Upon completion of the honors program with a 3.5 cumulative GPA (as well as the Associate in Arts University Transfer, Associate in Science University Transfer, or Associate in Engineering University Transfer requirements), students will receive recognition on their transcript as well as at graduation. They will be eligible to transfer to selected universities directly into an honors program.

If you are interested in the Honors Scholars program and want to apply, please complete the program application along with the essay. It must be completed at least two weeks prior to the start of a semester in which you wish to complete an honors course.

For more information, please contact Dr. Rodney Powell, Honors Program Coordinator, at or (919) 718-7462.

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