Have you been asked to complete a financial aid form? If so, you've come to the right place.

In 2021, most financial aid forms became electronic, and should now be submitted via Etrieve. In the event you need to request a paper version, please contact our office.

Verification Tab

Verification is a process used to verify certain information on the FAFSA to ensure its accuracy. Some students are selected for verification by the U.S. Department of Education. Others are selected by the school. Students are encouraged to submit all required verification documents as soon as possible to receive a financial aid award. You may confirm which forms and documents apply specifically to you by viewing "My Documents" in your WebAdvisor account. Delays in sending documentation may result in the student not having aid by the time their bills are due each semester. In this case, the student is obligated to pay the account balance on the student account, or their classes could be cancelled.

If you need assistance with signing in, please see below:

Student Access

Step 1. Log-in to the following website:

Step 2. After you have signed in, click on Forms

Step 3. Complete and submit requested form(s)

Parent Access:

Only Google or Microsoft accounts will be able to log in. If parent(s) do not have a Google or Microsoft email account, one can be created for free.

Step 1: Parent(s) must log-in to the following website:

For Google accounts:
For Microsoft accounts:

Step 2: Click Forms and choose the requested document(s)

Step 3: Under the "Student Search" section, please enter the student's first name, last name, date of birth and last four digits of your SSN and Click Search

Step 4: After student's information appears, parent must complete all required "parent" sections and submit document(s).

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