Do you care about your appearance? Would you like to help others look their best? If so, perhaps you should consider a career as a professional barber.

The Central Carolina Community College Barbering program meets at the Dunn Center. The program is the first of its kind in the North Carolina Community College System.

The college has worked closely with the State Board of Barbering in the development of this instructional program. Diploma and certificate programs are available. Financial aid is available.

Barbering is an ancient profession with a rich history. As grooming trends have changed the demand for skilled barbers is on the increase. Modern barbers need a variety of skills to be successful. The program will focus on hair care, shampooing, cutting and styling, along with instructional components in shaving, beard and mustaches trimming and cutting, facial massage, hair treatments, hygiene and professional ethics. Advanced classes will cover coloring, hairpieces, and scalp treatments.

Instruction is a combination of lecture and hands-on training. Following initial classes, students will be able to work with clients in the newly renovated facilities. With the completion of the instruction program, graduates should be prepared to take the state licensing examination.

Barbering is an excellent career choice for individuals who enjoy being their own boss. As a self-employed barber variable hours are possible. The working atmosphere is clean and pleasant featuring good lighting and ventilation.

People skills are essential. Being a good listener and communicating clearly are important in establishing good customer relations. An understanding of fashion trends is helpful. Communication, personal image and attitude are important factors in career success.

CCCC has an outstanding reputation in the field of personal appearance services. Large cosmetology and skin care programs at three locations in the Harnett and Lee County areas have been producing skilled stylists who are recruited by leading salons for their skills in cutting and coloring techniques. The same administrative team has worked diligently to develop this new barbering curriculum.

What Students Learn

Students successfully completing the Barbering Program will be able to:

  • Apply all safety and sanitation rules set by the state board
  • Apply barbering concepts
  • Demonstrate barbering services in a simulated shop setting

Mission Statement

To ensure maximum student learning in all classes, programs, and extracurricular activities, and to do so in a manner that is both fair and respectful to students, faculty, staff, and to other organizational units internal and external to the institution.


Central Carolina Community College Barbering Program locations are licensed schools under the North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners.

Please Note:
Curriculum guides are for students enrolled during the current academic year. Students enrolled in a previous academic year should visit the Program Evaluation link in Self-Service to find the required list of courses for graduation. For assistance, consult your advisor.