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Employee of the Month


This award program is intended to show immediate appreciation and recognition of individuals for exceptional contributions and customer service inside or outside of their departments. Any individual may submit an Employee Nomination Form to recognize a full-time college employee for their special effort or service.

Program Goals
  • Increase employee engagement through recognizing positive employee behaviors
  • Promote positive employee-to-employee and employee-to-student interactions on campus in order to further a learning first culture

Deadline for nominations: First Monday of the month to be recognized the next month


See Eligibility Guidelines & Past Winners

Employee of the Month Nomination Form


Erin Blakeley
(919) 718-7276

Staff of the Year

2019 Staff Member of the Year

2019 Staff Member of the Year Eligibility & Guidelines

2019 Staff Member of the Year Nomination Form

2018 Staff Member of the Year

Congratulations to Angela Crisp-Sears for being named our Staff Member of the Year! Angela was chosen based on her commitment to our mission by accepting students where they are and treating them with respect while supporting students in every area, whether their needs are academic (tutoring, writing center, navigating Blackboard, taking a proctored exam) or personal (creating a manageable schedule, writing a resume, finding reliable transportation.)

Angela exhibits excellent job performance by having earned the trust from our faculty and ensuring students are matched with credible peer tutors. She takes time to visit classes at the beginning of every semester to give students information about all of the services and resources available, contributing to the AAC's superb reputation. She demonstrates innovation in the workplace by hosting workshops to help students learn about campus services, time management, test prep, what it means to be a successful college student, and providing them with a Mental Health & Wellness Day. An example of how she demonstrates responsible use of funds includes her working with health educators in our community to participate in an Opioid crisis group and collaborating with local high schools to provide resources to our CCP students.

She models lifelong learning by encouraging her department to participate in the state's Tutoring & Learning Association and formalizing the training for lab assistance and tutors. Angela looks for ways to share time and expertise by administering the placement test and ensuring our new students feel welcomed and have a successful start with the college since she is often the first person they meet. In addition, she has collaborated with community organizations to host Women in Science speaker series to mentor groups of young women to build confidence and consider careers in STEM fields.

For these reasons and many more, we congratulate Angela Crisp-Sears for being our Staff Member of the Year!

2017 Staff Member of the Year

Tamara Joyner has a true heart for students and goes out of the way to remind herself, and everyone working with her, why we do the things that we do. In every way she can, she looks for ways to help students. In addition to her dedication, Tamara is kind to faculty and staff and patient in their endeavors to navigate business office policies and procedures. She is always willing to stop what she is doing to walk someone through the correct way to perform whatever they are trying to accomplish. Tamara has high expectations for documentation and expenditure compliance (such is necessary for the multi-million dollar budget she manages), but she performs her duties in such a warm way that everyone wants to meet those expectations. By working to keep processes compliant and efficient, Tamara ensures the continued operation of the college and maximizes the resources available for serving students.

2016 Staff Member of the Year

Lennie Stephenson, Director of Continuing Education Medical Programs, has been chosen as our Staff Member of the Year. Lennie was recognized for providing medical programs and courses for well over 10,000 students in our service areas of Harnett, Lee, and Chatham counties. She has actively recruited faculty and students for the first Nursing Assistant in Spanish course in the state. Additionally, she developed the first curriculum and taught the first courses in Healthcare Management Technology for our college and assisted with writing and managing a successful Rural Development grant for recruiting and enrolling more Hispanic/Latino students in medical programming. The system office and other colleges have benefited from her innovative programming and use of online and hybrid courses. Lastly, Lennie and her team have demonstrated a way of being able to balance providing quality programs with enrollment and retention by representing the highest FTE earned by program areas in their division.


Erin Blakeley
(919) 718-7276

Faculty of the Year

2019 Faculty Member of the Year

2019 Faculty Member of the Year Eligibility & Guidelines

2019 Faculty Member of the Year Nomination Form

2018 Faculty Member of the Year

Please join us as we congratulate Ginger Harris Bartholomew for being named our Faculty Member of the Year! She was chosen based on her interactions with students that focus on their development right from the beginning when she advises her students. Through this process, she discusses their academic, career, and life goals to create a unique academic plan for each student, which often includes researching universities and discussing transfer options.

Ginger's effective classroom environment that leads to motivated student learning is evident by her embracing different learning styles in the classroom and creating an environment filled with videos, hands-on activities, and interactive lectures. She uses the Smart Board technology not only to teach, but also to allow her students to become familiar with the technology to assist them once they are teaching in the classroom. By utilizing MindTap, she has been able to provide interactive content and hands-on activities in her online classes as well and this technology has resulted in a cost savings on average of $200 per course in textbook fees.

Ginger's commitment to professional development includes participating in our Leadership Through Learning First program, participating in many professional development offerings throughout the year, attending the NC-ACCESS conference semi-annually, and attending the National Association for the Education of Young Children annually. Her leadership roles beyond the classroom include being a member of our Advising committee, our QEP committee, attending the NACADA conference and coauthoring a soon to be published article in the NACADA Journal titled, "Taking a Group to the Summer Institute," just to name a few.

Her excellent job performance is supported by her establishing a free evening childcare program at the LMC for our students. She is also working toward creating a realistic classroom environment similar to what her students will experience in their first job as a teacher rather than the standard CCCC classroom they are familiar with. Through her successful community connections, Ginger has also been able to hold her program's certificate and diploma graduation at a local venue free of charge. In addition, because of the need in our local service area for educated early childhood education teachers, she has worked with Lee and Harnett counties to create training for teachers where the county will pay if the teacher's employer will not pay for early childhood training or if the student is not eligible to receive financial aid. All of this training is done through CCCC, which not only increases FTE for the college; it provides valuable training and professional development for local teachers.

We are fortunate as a college to have the opportunity to work with and learn from Ginger! Congratulations on being named our Faculty Member of the Year!

2017 Faculty Member of the Year

Bianka Stumpf is an excellent instructor as evident in her dynamic, but practical, hands-on teaching style, her enthusiasm and energy for teaching, and her personal interest in the welfare of each of her students. She puts a great deal of time and effort into her lessons by integrating costumes, music, food, and other extensions. She has built all of her classes to integrate primary source documents, controversial debates/case studies, and current events to make the material more relevant and engaging. She exercises a variety of management techniques considering the high percentage of LEC and CCP students in her classes.

2016 Faculty Member of the Year

Julia Herbon, Lead ESL Instructor, has been chosen as our Faculty Member of the Year. Julia was selected for being a master instructor and utilizing her ability to communicate in both English and Spanish to build a tremendous rapport with all students. Currently serving as the Hispanic Liaison, she bridges the gap between the ESL population in Chatham county and CCCC while providing students with a purpose toward their successful development. It is no surprise that her retention and EFL percentages are near 100% and two of her former students are now successful instructors in her department. Julia also fosters team work and collaboration by sharing text books, ideas, and teaching techniques for improving their instruction, retention, and educational goals with her ESL instructors. She also created a learning blog for her department which supplements classroom instruction and provides a forum for students and teachers to post comments and share projects and accomplishments. For the past three years, Julia has been awarded $30,000 each year for the EL/Civics Grant. Much of this grant has been used to fund the ESL Computer Literacy class and curriculum for our three county serve area as well as providing training for staff in using technology in the classroom.


Erin Blakeley
(919) 718-7276

Adjunct of the Year

2019 Adjunct of the Year

2019 Adjunct of the Year Eligibility & Guidelines

2019 Adjunct of the Year Nomination Form


This award is given to recognize part-time faculty who have distinguished themselves as outstanding teachers with a track record of increasing student learning and promoting instructional improvements for their programs/departments.

2018 Adjunct of the Year

Congratulations to Henry Steve Womack for being named our Adjunct of the Year! Steve has provided our college with his expertise in Athletic Training and Instruction for the past two years by teaching a HEA 112 class in which students receive both their American Heart Association and Red Cross CPR and First Aid credentials. Not only are they receiving credit for the class (which currently has a 100% pass rate in both years taught), but the students are receiving four credentials to place on their resumes. Subsequently, Steve is instructing students on how to save lives.

Steve currently teaches in the Health and Fitness Science curriculum providing instruction in Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries. His classroom is very kinesthetic in that he provides lectures, use of websites, videos, the white board, and active lab opportunities whereby students utilize athletic tape for prevention of injuries as well as post-trauma for athletic participation.

A former high school English teacher at Lee Senior, Steve has been on the sideline of most every sport offered at Lee Senior and lends a hand as an athletic trainer at men's basketball at CCCC. His contributions go beyond our classroom as he arrives early for office hours, meets with other instructors or the Program Director every day he is on campus, and subsequently arranges for his students to observe sporting events so they can be in attendance for any type of "real world" trauma an athlete experiences. Students report back in their HFS core classes that they can easily blend what is being instructed in Steve's classes to the material being presented in their HFS and BIO classes.

2017 Adjunct of the Year

Kelly Cash provides a variety of teaching methods to reach her students. She involves the students in discussion, stimulates critical thinking in her students, and challenges them to work and achieve. Her students are well prepared for the next level of instruction. Kelly has worked with full-time faculty to write guidelines for teaching Anatomy and Physiology. She is organized and thorough, engaging, energetic, passionate, and focused on active learning. She gives over and above the amount of time required for office hours and helping students.

2016 Adjunct of the Year

Shelby Parrott has been recognized as Central Carolina Community College's Adjunct of the Year. Parrott, of Carthage, is a member of the Dental Programs Adjunct Faculty.

"Shelby is the perfect selection for Central Carolina Community College's first adjunct faculty of the year award. Shelby embodies the CCCC mission, vision, and values," said Lisa Baker Godfrey, CCCC Dean of Health Sciences. "She is both a CCCC Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene graduate who has returned to CCCC Dental Programs as a faculty member. Students express that Shelby is able to explain patient situations in a way that allows them to grow and provide optimal patient care. She always makes them feel encouraged. Shelby always strives to educate the students while providing top-notch patient care."

Parrott said her coworkers kept her selection as a secret, so she was very surprised. "I didn't even know I had been nominated," said Parrott, who graduated from CCCC Dental Assisting in 2009 and CCCC Dental Hygiene in 2011. "... I love being an Adjunct and I am so thankful every day that I chose this career. Then to have the college recognize me on this level, it's an amazing feeling. I was extremely honored to receive this award."

Parrott began as a CCCC adjunct instructor in January 2013. "As an adjunct, and along with the other faculty, I'm able to work with the students and guide them into this career. I love my career and my goal is always to share this with the students," said Parrott. "At the close of each spring semester, I hate to see the second year students leave, but it's always so great when they leave with excitement and a passion for dental hygiene."


Erin Blakeley
(919) 718-7276

Advisor of the Year

2019 Excellence in Advising

2019 Excellence in Advising Eligibility & Guidelines

2019 Excellence in Advising Nomination Form

2018 Excellence in Advising Members

Congratulations to Ty Stumpf for being named our Advisor of the Year! Ty has been an advisor in the Associate in Arts program since 2001 and has been the program's chair since 2009. In his capacity as chair, Ty trains incoming A.A. advisors; he distributes materials to them and mentors them as needed. In addition, Ty facilitates numerous welcome sessions each year for our new A.A. students. Now with almost a 17-year tenure of A.A. advising at CCCC, Ty has become a de facto A.A. advising encyclopedia, knowing well the requirements but also recommendations for transfer to specific institutions and programs. In addition to his regular advising and training load in fall and spring semesters, Ty has been a main, and in earlier years, even a sole faculty A.A. advisor in summer semesters. Thank you Ty for the knowledge, time, patience, and energy you share with our students and for that, we congratulate you as our Advisor of the Year!

As we continue to recognize effective advising and focusing on this initiative as a college, we are fortunate to offer this award to two Advisors of the Year. The next advisor we need to congratulate is Emma Belcher! Emma is an excellent example of how an advisor should approach the advising process, which at times can be an overwhelming and daunting task for both the advisor and the student. Emma constitutes an unselfish devotion to our students by contributing to their success by offering guidance as they begin their journey with us at CCCC. She provides a great example of what we are looking for in advising by always being willing to go the extra mile and meeting students where they are at a time that is convenient for them. She realizes that our students' schedules vary and makes it a point to accommodate their needs. Emma uses our advising model to truly get to know her advisees by asking questions, finding their goals, passions, and ways she can assist them with navigating the college experience.

2017 Excellence in Advising Members

Stephanie Whitaker does an excellent job of recruiting students and helping them find the program that best fits their interest. She interacts well with students at various events and represents the college in a positive way.

Thadd McElreath is highly regarded as an extraordinary faculty advisor. Thadd excels in the role of advising because he truly cares for and invests in each student and enjoys the role of student advocate. On multiple occasions, Thadd has helped students untangle complicated transfer situations so that they can smoothly enter senior institutions.

2016 Excellence in Advising Member

Please join the Advising Committee as we congratulate Holly Schofield and Pam Riddle as our winners of the new Excellence in Advising award. Both were recognized on Friday during the All Curriculum/Student Learning meeting and will be congratulated college-wide during our PD Day on Dec 14th.


Erin Blakeley
(919) 718-7276

CCR Travel Grants


Central Carolina Community College is proud to sponsor travel grants for our College and Career Readiness full time faculty. If you are interested in attending a state, regional or national conference with total estimated costs up to $1000 please apply by completing the form below. If the estimated cost exceeds $1000 please meet with Dean Thompson to discuss supplemental funding.

Apply for CCR Travel Grant


Rodney Powell
(919) 718-7462

Faculty Advancement Funds


The vision for Central Carolina Community College is to be a nationally recognized, world-class leader which provides opportunities that contribute to economic progress and cultural enrichment for students and communities we serve. To empower faculty to take an active role in achieving this ideal, Central Carolina offers financial assistance to full-time faculty members to attend nationally/regionally-recognized professional development workshops, conferences, and/or seminars. Proposals are reviewed by the Faculty Advancement Funds Committee and are prioritized for funding allocation using the guidelines provided below.

Before submitting your faculty advancement funds application, you are required to discuss your idea with your department chair and dean.

Faculty Advancement Funds Packet


Rodney Powell

2018 - 2019 Faculty Advancements Fund Winners
  • Chris Bailey - Healthcare Simulation Training - Knoxville, TN
  • Mike Fann - National State Leadership Summit - Salt Lake City, UT
  • David Flatley - Now/Next Learning Conference - Nashville, TN
  • Fred Fritz - NC Great Teachers Seminar - Salter Path, NC
  • Jeff Gannon - Chatham Organizing for Racial Equity - Pittsboro, NC
  • Dr. Jessica Holt - Expo - Orlando, FL
  • Kelly Klug - Resilience - Philadelphia, PA
  • Dustin Nichols - NC Great Teachers Seminar - Salter Path, NC
  • Erika Parker - NCHIMA Quad-state Annual Meeting - Myrtle Beach, FL
  • Fernanda Perry - NC Great Teachers Seminar - Salter Path, NC
  • Elizabeth Ryan - NC Great Teachers Seminar - Salter Path, NC
  • Holly Schofield - Resilience - Philadelphia, PA
  • Amber Thomas - ECU Student Success - Greenville, NC
2017 - 2018 Faculty Advancements Fund Winners
  • Markita McCrimmon - Southern Criminal Justice Conf. - New Orleans, LA
  • Matt Smith - Professional Counselors Assn. - Winston-Salem, NC
  • Erika Parker - Great Teachers - Salter Path, NC
  • Krystal Lee - Great Teachers - Salter Path, NC
  • Zan Thornton - NCCER Instructor Certification - Charlotte, NC
  • Emma Belcher - Great Teachers - Salter Path, NC
  • Jessica Brown - Human Anatomy and Physiology Society - Columbus OH
  • Vicky Wesner - NC Dental Society - Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Vicky Wesner - ADHA Annual Meeting - Columbus, OH
2016 - 2017 Faculty Advancements Fund Winners
  • Robin Kohanowich - Sustainable Ag Educators Conference - Santa Cruz, CA
  • Barbara Campbell - Leadership in Higher Education Conference - Atlanta, GA
  • Vicky Wesner - The Teaching Professor Technology Conference - Atlanta, GA
  • Emily Barrick - Certified Coder Boot Camp - Charleston, SC
  • Denise Martin - E-Learning: ICD-10-PCS Intermediate Bundle - Online
  • Becky Finken - North Carolina Great Teachers Seminar - Salter Path, NC
  • Dixie Holden - INACSL-CAE Healthcare Simulation Fellowship - Washington, DC
  • Melissa Fogarty - CPC Exam Prep (Medical Coding Exam Prep) - Online
  • Ginger Harris Bartholomew - NAEYC 2017 Professional Learning Institute - San Francisco, CA
  • Bianka Stumpf - NC Museum of History Lecture - Raleigh, NC
  • Regina Minter - 2017 Leadership Conference - Myrtle Beach, SC
  • John Ainsworth - Programming for Network Engineers - Online
  • Mike Murray - Programming for Network Engineers - Online
  • Mark DiBurro - ADHA Annual Conference - Jacksonville, FL
  • Danielle Bruner - ADHA Annual Conference - Jacksonville, FL
  • Jessica Brown - HAPS Annual Conference - Salt Lake City, UT
2015 - 2016 Faculty Advancements Fund Winners
  • Tony Baker - BICSI Conference - Las Vegas, NV
  • Consuela Blaizes - Nursing Education Research Conference: Research as a Catalyst for Transformative Practice - Bethesda, MD
  • Scott Byington - NACADA Conference - Las Vegas NV
  • Ben Cole - Autodesk University Training Seminar for AutoDesk Vault - Las Vegas, NV
  • Robert Hammond - NC3ADL Conference - Raleigh, NC
  • Shawna Jones - North Carolina Great Teachers Seminar - Pine Knoll Shores, NC
  • Robin Kohanowich - Carolina Farm Stewardship Conference - Durham, NC
  • Denise Martin - Department Chair Institute - Raleigh, NC
  • Arlen Mills - NCASAM Great Smokies Veterinary Conference - Asheville, NC
  • Fernanda Perry - NC Dental Society Annual Session - Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Bianka Stumpf - National Archives On-Site Professional Development Workshop - New York City, NY
  • Vicky Wesner - NC Dental Society Annual Session - Myrtle Beach, SC
2016 - 2017 Faculty Advancements Fund Winners
  • Emily Barrick - Certified Coder Boot Camp - Charleston, SC
  • Barbara Campbell - Leadership in Higher Education Conference - Atlanta, GA
  • Robin Kohanowich - Sustainable Agriculture Educators Conference - Santa Cruz, CA
  • Denise Martin - E-Learning: ICD-10-PCS Intermediate Bundle - Online Training
  • Vicky Wesner - The Teaching Professor Technology Conference - Atlanta, GA
2014 - 2015 Faculty Advancements Fund Winners

The Center for Academic Excellence have awarded 2014 - 2015 Faculty Advancements Funds to the following:

  • Lisa Key Brown - National Association of Developmental Education - Greenville, SC
  • Dixie Holden - Teaching Professor Conference - Atlanta, GA
  • Arlen Mills - Annual Conference of the American Animal Hospital Association - Tampa, FL
  • Regina Minter - Cafe Leadership Conference - Niagara Falls, NY
  • Anjanette Porter - 22nd Annual North Carolina Great Teachers Seminar - Hendersonville, NC
  • Bianka Stumpf - Shun Yen and Two Workshops - Raleigh, NC and Online
  • Ty Stumpf - Tinker Mountain Writers' Workshop - Online Workshop
  • Vicky Wesner - 2015 Allied Dental Program Directors Conference - Austin, TX
  • Jessica "Jimmy" Wilson - Regional Hands-on Pork Butchery Class - Durham, NC

Learning Grant


Grant funds are available to faculty members who have identified instructional needs and can demonstrate a commitment to student learning outcomes. Grant applications may be submitted by individuals or groups who are full-time or part-time faculty members of Central Carolina Community College. A total of $700 in grant funds is available.

Grants will be awarded using a competitive selection process. Grant applications were due on October 31, 2018 by 3:30 p.m. and all activities must be completed by May 25, 2019.

2019-2020 CTL Learning Grant Packet


Emily Hare

2017 - 2018 Learning Grants
  • Bianka Stumpf $240, Universal Yums
  • Harnett Library $500, Anatomy and Physiology Models
2014 - 2015 Learning Grants

The Center for Academic Excellence awarded two 2014 - 2015 Learning Grants with funds made possible through the Marvin R. Joyner Endowment.

  • Dr. Kris Walters Herring, $250 – Jack Skellington in the Classroom (Biology)
  • Bianka Stumpf, $500 – A Millennium Experience for Millennials (History)

Perkins Mini-Grants

The Carl D. Perkins Act aims to increase the quality of technical education within the United States in order to help the economy. Central Carolina Community College has allocated funding this year for faculty Mini-Grants. The purpose of these grants is to provide upgraded technology to CTE Programs (including Health Sciences) to better teach technical skills in the classroom. The Center for Academic Excellence will collect applications until December 1 at which point we will meet and discuss the merits of each (each project has a limit of $2,500).

Carl D. Perkins Act Grant


Rodney Powell