The Central Carolina Community College Student Ambassadors are a group of student leaders that represent many facets of the campus and community. Ambassadors take great pride in the college and strive to show this in the events they host and the services they provide. As Ambassadors, individuals serve as student representatives when welcoming and hosting honored guests and distinguished members of Central Carolina Community College. Ambassadors work at events all across campus.

Meet Our Student Ambassadors

2021-2022 Ambassadors

    • Timothy Brant
    • Hometown: Fuquay-Varina
    • Academic Program: Associates Degree in Nursing
    • Interesting Fact: I have lived in six different states over the past 10 years. I love traveling and have at one point spent six months driving through every State east of Texas!
    • Favorite thing about CCCC: I love how small the school is, and how every time I call a department of the school, I get the same person every time and they recognize me as well! There is such a family feeling to this school!
    • Advice for Students: If you need help with anything, reach out and talk to someone! You may feel like it is embarrassing to ask for help, but it is not! We all need help sometimes! Reach out to me, the other Ambassadors, CCCC Staff, fellow students, anybody! Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
    • Email:
    • Victoria Brant
    • Hometown: Fuquay-Varina
    • Academic Program: Associates Degree in Nursing
    • Interesting Fact: I work in an ER with my younger brother, who is also an Ambassador and in the same nursing program!
    • Advice for Students: Find a good rhythm that works for YOU, study hard, but give yourself time for your brain to rest. You will study better if you are well rested.
    • Email:
    • Nicholas Cooper
    • Hometown: Swepsonville
    • Academic Program: University Transfer
    • Interesting Fact: I love to go fishing and trail riding on my mountain bike.
    • Advice for Students: One of my biggest pieces of advice would be to plan out your workload for the week, and document it in a planner or a calendar. As it will not only form a great habit for the future but also make your life less stressful.
    • Email:
    • John Fang
    • Hometown: Smithfield
    • Academic Program: Veterinary Medical Technology
    • Interesting Fact: I love any chance for a good competition! Video games, sports, binging anime; I’m all in! I am a two-year reformed League of Legends player who competed on a club team and now plays pickup Ultimate Frisbee.
    • Advice for Students: Take a walk. Say hello to the sun. Pet a dog! Remember to take breaks for yourself and use all the resources here at CCCC that are available to help you reach your goals. The faculty and staff here at CCCC have so much industry experience and are always ready to support you!
    • Email:
    • Ana Maria Hernandez
    • Hometown: Sanford
    • Academic Program: Associate in Engineering and Associate in Science
    • Interesting Fact: An interesting fact about me this that I love animals and gardening. I know how to weld.
    • Advice for Students: Find a mentor that can assist you when making important decisions. Also, explain your goals for they can advise you.
    • Email:
    • Haley Millard
    • Hometown: Fuquay-Varina
    • Academic Program: Nursing
    • Interesting Fact: I love to sew, play piano, garden, paint, and travel. I love to experience everything that I can in life!
    • Advice for Students: Develop good habits and keep yourself organized, keeping the small things in order makes the college experience so much more enjoyable! Give yourself breaks, and never be afraid to ask questions.
    • Email:

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Services provided by the Ambassadors include:

  • Assisting with high school student campus visits
  • Serving as a guide for individuals and groups touring campus
  • Hosting campus activities
  • Recruiting students
  • Speaking to community groups and agencies
  • Assisting with Foundation activities
  • Assisting with registration, graduation and orientation
  • Assisting with student activities

Join Us

The Scholarship

The program provides each Ambassador that completes their contract requirements compensation, in the amount of their registered in-state tuition and fees, plus all necessary uniforms for that year. The scholarship can serve as a primary scholarship, and thus cover all charges for enrollment (excluding textbooks or late fees).

Academic Requirements

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Semester GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Curriculum student that has completed at least 12 credit hours. Curriculum student status is determined by the definition in the CCCC Catalog.
  • Remain in good academic and conduct standing for enrolled program and college
  • Full-time status per program definition. If below full-time status, permission must be granted by the advisor prior to the beginning of the semester

Service Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 200 service hours during the one-year term
  • Attend all required events
  • New Student Orientations, Registration Activities, Graduation Ceremonies, Foundation Events
  • Attend all scheduled monthly Ambassadors meetings
  • Participate in and complete the Ambassador Leadership Class and Training Sessions
  • Assist campus partners with student recruitment and engagement including Admissions, Recruitment and Onboarding, Student Success, Student Activities, and more.
  • Assist the College Administration in various improvement initiatives and ensure program success.
  • Attend other events as requested

Required Events

  • The Foundation Golf Tournaments: Held every fall and spring, the Foundation hosts a golf tournament in each county; Lee, Chatham, and Harnett.
  • Commencement Ceremonies: Curriculum ceremonies are held in May, Continuing Education hosts ceremonies in both May and December.
  • Career Fair: Every Spring, the Career Center facilitates a large-scale Career Fair, where vendors from across the state come to recruit CCCC students.
  • Christmas Tree Lighting: Each December, the college has the annual Christmas Tree Lighting event that is open to the public and draws in hundreds of participants
  • New Student Orientation: Held throughout the year through the department of Admissions
  • Fall and Spring Welcome Week: A week-long program filled event to welcome students in the Fall and Spring
  • Ambassador Recruitment Events: Events to spread the word about the Ambassador program


Applications are currently closed, but plan now to join our team for next year!

Before you begin your application, please consider the following:

  • You will be asked about your work history, academic experiences, extracurricular activities, and any specialized skills, certifications, training, or awards. This is the section where you will share information that you would normally include on your resume.
  • You will be asked to answer the following three free-response questions. We HIGHLY recommend that you draft your answers in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or something similar. Your application will time out and you may lose your progress if you try and answer these questions in the application. You can also get help from the writing center or a trusted mentor to get feedback on your responses. Resources are provided below.
    • Why are you interested in being a Student Ambassador and what would you offer to the team? What do you hope to gain from being an Ambassador?
    • What do you love about Central Carolina Community College? What is one thing you would change if you could?
    • What obligations do you have outside the college and how will you balance those commitments with the Ambassador position?
  • You are required to submit the name, title, and email addresses of TWO references, The references must be from Central Carolina Community College faculty or staff. Prior to submitting your application, you should talk with the faculty and/or staff members to ensure a positive recommendation experience.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Katy Jones, Student Activities Coordinator, at