Get in Line, wherever, whenever

Step to Get in Line

  • Get in Line

    Join the line from anywhere
    Find out How to get in line

  • Wait Anywhere

    Wait wherever you want

  • Receive Updates

    Receive wait time updates

  • Get Help

    Get notified when it’s your turn

3 easy ways

  • Text Usfootnote 2

    You can join a line by texting the following characters to (919) 439-5956

    SMS Characters Office
    • Financial Aid
    • Central Carolina Promise/K14
    • Records Office
    • Veterans Services
    • Accessibility Services
    • Student Services Administration
    ADL Lee County Admissions
    ADC Chatham County Admissions
    ADH Harnett County Admissions

    You'll be prompted to choose your queue and you'll get a confirmation text as well as updates as to the status of your place in line.

    Text Commands

    Get the most out of Qless with these text commands

    SMS Code Qless Action
    L Leave the queue, use this command when you need to exit a particular queue.
    S Status update, use this command when you want an update of your wait time and place in line.
    M More time, use this command to request additional time if you can't be in the area.
    H Help, use this command to get additional assistance with QLess.
    W Switch, use this command to switch from text to voice call updates.
    N# Notify me in XX minutes, use this command to let QLess know when to send an alert.
  • Online

    Get in line by using the links below and following the form prompts to choose your queue.

    Lee County
    Chatham County
    Harnett County
  • In-Personfootnote 1

    Visit one of our offices and a College Employee will be happy to help you get in line.


  1. footnote 1 This is an accessible method for getting in line. back to footnote 1 content
  2. footnote 2 This is an accessible method for getting in line. back to footnote 2 content