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Lennie Stephenson named CCCC's Staff Member of the Year

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Click to enlarge,  Lennie Stephenson, Director of Continuing Education Medical Programs, has been named Central Carolina Community College's Staff Member of the Year for 2016-2017.

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Lennie Stephenson, Director of Continuing Education Medical Programs, has been named Central Carolina ... (more)

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SANFORD - Lennie Stephenson, Director of Continuing Education Medical Programs, has been named Central Carolina Community College's Staff Member of the Year for 2016-2017.

Ms. Stephenson is the college's nominee for the North Carolina Community College System's 2017 Staff Member of the Year Award.

"Ms. Stephenson has proudly served Central Carolina Community College since July 2005," said CCCC President Dr. T.E. Marchant. "During her time here, she has used her talents to make valuable contributions to this College, to the NCCCS, and to the communities we serve."

Dr. Marchant points out some of Ms. Stephenson's valuable contributions - she developed and built nine online/hybrid continuing education classes for the Virtual Learning Community that are available to all 58 North Carolina community colleges, she developed the first online Nurse Aide I Refresher course in North Carolina, she has implemented the Career and College Promise Program for Nurse Aide I students in CCCC's three-county service area, she established a Spanish Nurse Aide I class to meet the educational needs of the Hispanic community, and she has collaborated with Campbell University to help its students obtain a Nurse Aide I Certification while attending regularly scheduled classes.

"Central Carolina Community College is proud to have Ms. Stephenson, who places great emphasis on the importance and responsibility of being the catalyst that helps students learn the skills needed to secure a job that will allow them to support themselves and their families," said Dr. Marchant.

Dr. Pamela Gibson Senegal, CCCC Vice President of Economic and Community Development, says Ms. Stephenson is the consummate professional. "Lennie was critical in opening up and now providing oversight for one of CCCC's newest facilities - the Harnett Health Sciences Center. It is a space that contains more than 50,000 square feet of classrooms and laboratories primarily dedicated to the education of future health care professionals," said Dr. Senegal.

"As a nurse and educator, Lennie is the paragon of dedication to ensuring that every health care professional under her responsibility knows and is able to perform all the responsibilities associated with their area of specialization," said Dr. Senegal. "Her standard for students completing programs under her responsibility is whether or not she would want them to care for herself or someone she loves. That standard is part of the culture of the program and has led to high pass rates among completers of our programs."

William R. Tyson, CCCC's Harnett County Provost, said he has seen firsthand Ms. Stephenson's commitment to CCCC students, faculty and staff, and to the communities the College serves. "One of the guiding principles CCCC has as a Learning College is 'to never miss a chance to transform someone's life.' Lennie Stephenson has embraced that principle as a College leader. Her career at CCCC has combined an 'old-school' work ethic with a passion for serving students and developing a positive student learning experience."

Margaret Roberton, Associate Vice President, Workforce Continuing Education, N.C. Community College System, said of Ms. Stephenson: "I have had the opportunity to work with Lennie in a number of roles over the past ten years and have always been impressed with her dedication and passion for the mission of the community colleges. Lennie has consistently demonstrated a commitment to the development of students and support of industry not only for her college but across the state."

Ms. Stephenson said she was humbled and surprised to learn she had been chosen as Staff Person of the Year. "I only know one way to do a job well and that is to work hard at it. So, with that being said, I do not expect recognition for working hard to make things happen," said Ms. Stephenson. "I am very honored to be selected. It means a great deal to me that others appreciate the efforts I put forth to offer medical programming options that give people the skills they need to improve their quality of life."

Ms. Stephenson received her Associate of Science in Nursing degree from Edison Community College in Florida. She received her Bachelor's in Management and her Master's in Management from National American University.

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