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Lee Commissioners' resolution supports community college pay raises

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SANFORD -- The Lee County Board of Commissioners this week unanimously passed a resolution supporting community college pay raises. The resolution will be sent to the local delegation and leadership of the N.C. General Assembly, as well as to the Governor.

The resolution notes that Central Carolina Community College has been named as one of the top 50 community colleges in the United States and has received many awards for its high level of educational achievement in educating the citizens of Lee, Harnett and Chatham counties.

The resolution goes on to say:

"Whereas, the Lee County Board of Commissioners and the CCCC Board of Trustees, meeting in a joint session on May 26, 2015, unanimously support the incredible work that the College does in educating our citizens and preparing them for our workforce; and

"Whereas, CCCC serves as economic catalyst for our three county region and needs to recruit, retain and enrich qualified faculty to provide the educational opportunities needed in today's global economy; and

"Whereas, serving the public in the role as community college instructor or staff position should be an honorable profession and one that the leaders of this community and State support and hold in high regard.

"Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the Lee County Board of Commissioners hereby publicly expresses their support for the North Carolina House of Representatives budget - House Bill 97 - that allocates 2 percent raises for Community College faculty and staff and encourages the North Carolina Senate and Governor to support this provision in the State budget."

Amy Dalrymple, Chairwoman of the Lee County Board of Commissioners, said she is excited the N.C. State House has included the 2 percent increase in its state budget recommendation. "It was the right thing to do for our board to go along with the House decision," she said. "The community college system is so tremendously important to move North Carolina forward."

Julian Philpott, Chairman of the CCCC Board of Trustees, said he is very grateful for the Lee County Commissioners' action showing their support of CCCC in the budget discussions and of the CCCC administrators, faculty, and staff by the resolution they passed. "The Commissioners' unanimous passage of their resolution asking our delegation in the General Assembly to support the two percent salary increase included in the House budget demonstrates the Lee County Commissioners' recognition of the dedication, passion, and quality education our CCCC employees are delivering to our students every day," said Philpott.

"The two percent raise, if also approved by the North Carolina Senate, will be appreciated by our employees," said Philpott. "Our Lee County Commissioners continue to be very supportive of Central Carolina Community College as have the commissioners in Chatham and Harnett counties. This outstanding support from our elected officials, for which we are thankful, has enabled CCCC to become one of the top community colleges not just in North Carolina, but in the nation as well."

The CCCC Board of Trustees has previously passed a resolution publicly thanking the faculty and staff of the college and committing itself to advocate for their salary increases.

"I am very, very grateful for the support the Lee County Commissioners are giving us with this resolution," said Trustee Martha Underwood, who has worked tirelessly for faculty and staff pay raises. "It was really kind of them and they've always been good supporters of the college. They have a lot of respect for what we do to help the community."