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Two CCCC graduates chosen for Goodnight Scholars Program at NCSU

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06.29.2022College & CommunityCollege GeneralStudents/Graduates

SANFORD - Central Carolina Community College graduates Heidi Schouten and Jairo Lara Diaz are among the new transfer cohort of scholars in the Goodnight Scholars Program at N.C. State University.

The Goodnight Scholarship is valued at $22,000 per year for up to three years ($66,000) for transfer students, according to the NCSU Goodnight Scholars Program website. The cohorts receive access to a comprehensive student development program that includes weekly programming, exclusive travel opportunities, and enrichment grant funding. Students will also receive a transfer specific transition seminar course starting Fall 2022.

Heidi Schouten, of Chatham County, graduated from Central Carolina Community College in May 2021 with an Associate in Science degree. She plans to major in crop and soil science at NCSU.

Jairo Lara Diaz, of Lee County, graduated in May 2022 with Associate in Science and Associate in Engineering degrees. He plans to major in computer engineering at NCSU.

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