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Thadd McElreath is recipient of CCCC Instructor of the Year Award

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Click to enlarge,  Thadd McElreath, Central Carolina Community College Physical Education Instructor/Academic Advisor, has been selected as recipient of the 2020-2021 CCCC Instructor of the Year Award.

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Thadd McElreath, Central Carolina Community College Physical Education Instructor/Academic Advisor, ... (more)

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SANFORD - Thadd McElreath, Central Carolina Community College Physical Education Instructor/Academic Advisor, has been selected as recipient of the 2020-2021 CCCC Instructor of the Year Award.

"It is truly one of the highest honors of my entire professional career to be named the 2020-2021 CCCC Instructor of the Year. I am incredibly honored and humbled to win this award because I know of so many awesome instructors at CCCC who do so many amazing things in their classrooms," said McElreath. "I admire many of these instructors and I have done my best to shape and improve my own instruction from the things I have learned and observed from them. To even be considered among these outstanding instructors is a true honor for me. I am so appreciative of all of the staff, faculty, and administrators that have invested so much energy and time into me through the years because without them I know I would not be the instructor I am today."

CCCC President Dr. Lisa M. Chapman says that McElreath is well-respected among his colleagues and known for his generous spirit. "We talk often at the college about the importance of student engagement. Thadd consistently strives to both develop and maintain a relationship with each of his students in support of this engagement," said Dr. Chapman. "He knows how essential holistic support is for student success and he strives to ensure that support is available for each and every one of his students. This has been recognized by his peers as evidenced in his selection as the Excellence in Advising recipient in 2017.

"While Mr. McElreath invests much of himself in the holistic support of his students, he does not overlook the importance of high academic expectations. Thadd encourages students to excel as they find their sense of belonging in his classes. He makes the learning fun and relevant while supporting high academic standards," said Dr. Chapman. "Thadd delivers what he promises with his conduct reflecting only the highest of moral and professional standards. I know Thadd consistently goes above and beyond -- in his service to students, to his colleagues, and to his community. He makes time to ensure that everyone feels appreciated, through additional assistance, kind words, and kind deeds."

"I have seen Thadd teach, coach, mentor, advise, and shape our students in so many ways," said Dr. Carl Bryan, CCCC Health and Fitness Science Program Director. "He is truly a servant leader."

McElreath said the one thing he undoubtedly enjoys most about his job is the people. "I love the relationships I have -- the opportunity to establish and grow with students, staff, faculty, and administrators. I love the privilege of being a small part of a student's academic journey, serving them as either their instructor and/or academic advisor during their time at CCCC," said McElreath.

"There are few things in life as great as seeing the success of others, specifically the success of young people who aspire and achieve academic success on their way to fruitful careers of their own. In my job, I truly enjoy there are never two days that are exactly alike. I love the various environments I get to offer instruction to students, from the traditional classroom setting, the gym, the weight room, and even now in our virtual online classrooms," said McElreath. "I love that in any given semester, I may have three or four different classes that meet in four or five different environments, doing five or six different things during our class time together. Ultimately, I love my job because I am given the privilege of helping and serving students on a daily basis to achieve their dreams."

McElreath notes that the joy of his work comes from seeing students be successful inside and outside the classroom. "To be recognized by the college as the Instructor of the Year is something I never specifically set out to achieve because I believe my success as an instructor is best measured in the lives of my students and not necessarily through any individual awards or accolades," he said. "Having said that, I am beyond humbled and honored to be recognized with this award and I am truly grateful to the entire CCCC family for their belief and investment into my life. It is a blessing to serve Chatham, Harnett, and Lee County with the CCCC family."

McElreath received his Associate of Arts at Sandhills Community College, his Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with Teacher Licensure at Campbell University, and his Master of Science in Physical Education, Health and Recreation at Emporia State University.

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