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CCCC Medical Assisting program accepting applications

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07.08.2019College & CommunityCollege GeneralCurriculum Programs

SANFORD - The Central Carolina Community College Medical Assisting program is accepting applications on a first qualified, first accepted basis.

"The expansion of healthcare facilities in North Carolina has led to a surge in demand for more Certified Medical Assistants (CMA)," said Melissa Fogarty, CCCC Medical Assisting Program Director. "A CMA position is a very rewarding first step into health care. Entry requires a little over a year of secondary education and local hospitals and medical practices are offering competitive recruitment packages."

Medical Assisting instruction combines skills for both the office environment and the medical setting. Multi-skilled health care professionals emerge from this program with skills in clinical and lab procedures as well as in administrative medical office management.

The Medical Assisting program is perfect for students who want to work in the field of medicine. A successful candidate should enjoy biology and other sciences and have a knack for computer technology. They should possess excellent people skills. Medical assistants help the doctor's office run more efficiently from two perspectives, office management and health care services.

Medical Assisting is set apart from other medical curriculums in that students learn both clerical and clinical work. They receive instruction in everything from scheduling appointments to administering medication. Specifically, students take classes in processing insurance accounts, billing, collections, medical examinations, lab procedures, electrocardiography, and more.

If you are interested in the Medical Assisting program, please contact Melissa Fogarty at 919-545-8060 or

To learn more about the CCCC Medical Assisting program, visit