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Ten CCCC students serve in Ambassadors program

10.14.2015 • College General, College & Community, Curriculum Programs

SANFORD - "Central Carolina Community College has done so much for me and changed my life, so I wanted to give back to the college."

That's why Megan Blair, of Raleigh, who is a student in the Veterinary Medical Technician program, chose to become one of the college's student Ambassadors.

"The thing I enjoy most about being an Ambassador is the fellowship I feel with the other Ambassadors and the school as a whole," said David Pope III, of Cary, who is studying Laser and Photonics. "It really makes me feel that I'm making a difference and puts a smile on my face."

Aaron Kovasckitz, of Sanford, who is working toward an Associate of Science degree, noted, "CCCC has really provided me with a lot of opportunities, and this was my chance to give back. The people I end up helping through the Ambassador program are always very appreciative. It makes me feel good about being a part of both this program and this school."

Ambassadors are students who serve as official hosts of the college, representing it at college and community events both on- and off-campus.

Ambassadors assist with activities such as college special events, high school student campus visits, campus tours, recruitment, presentations to community groups and agencies, registration, graduation, and orientation, and other activities. In return for their service, they receive free tuition and fees.

The 10 students who are serving as Ambassadors for the 2015-16 school year are: Megan Blair of Raleigh, Cris Contreras of Sanford, Christian George of Moncure, Chriss Harvin of Mamers, Landis Johnson of Holly Springs, Aaron Kovasckitz of Sanford, Lacey Kuenzler of Sanford, Rolander Mayo of Cameron, Sarah Shannon Mohamed of Lillington, and David Pope III of Cary.

"These Ambassadors are the finest representatives Central Carolina Community College could have," said CCCC President T.E. Marchant. "I am proud of how they carry out their responsibilities, creating goodwill and respect for the college wherever they give presentations or serve. In addition, their experiences as Ambassadors instill within them qualities that will benefit them, their families, their employers, and their communities for the rest of their lives."

Each year, faculty and staff make recommendations for second-year students to serve as Ambassadors. Selection is based on factors such as academic performance, leadership potential, and communication skills.

Those selected give three to five hours of service per week to the college, and must attend 80 percent of all classes and group meetings, maintain good standing in the community and college, maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade-point average, complete a summer honors leadership course, attend called and mandatory events, and participate in a minimum of three public speaking engagements.

"The networking opportunities are invaluable as I am able to work with people from all aspects of the campus, whether staff, new students, student organizations, or fellow Ambassadors," said Lacey Kuenzler, of Sanford, who is studying Medical Office Administration and Healthcare Management Technology. "I love the teamwork that is necessary to meet the demands of being an Ambassador, and the professional growth that comes with that service."

Since 2006, Mike Neal, CCCC Student Activities Director and Athletic Director, has been the advisor to the Ambassadors program.

"Ambassadors is a phenomenal program," he said. "I am honored to be part of it. These students are absolutely the best we have - they add so much to the college."

Ten CCCC students serve in Ambassadors program

The Central Carolina Community College Ambassadors for 2015-16 are pictured, left to right: front row, Sarah Shannon Mohamed, Cris Contreras, Landis Johnson, Rolander Mayo, and Lacey Kuenzler; back row, Chriss Harvin, Aaron Kovasckitz, Christian George, and David Pope III. Not pictured is Megan Blair.