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CCCC's CAD program gets students job ready in minimal time

10.12.2015 • College & Community, College General, Curriculum Programs

SANFORD - Central Carolina Community College Technology Instructor Ben Cole encourages students who are curious about "how things work" to invest in the college's Computer-Aided Design Drafting Technology (CAD) program.

"If you are the kind of person who likes to take things apart to discover how they work, then Computer-Aided Design Drafting Technology is for you and Central Carolina Community College is a logical place to begin," said Cole, noting that the two-year course offers an Associated in Applied Science degree.

The Computer-Aided Design Drafting Technology graduate works on many levels in the engineering, architectural, and manufacturing world.

On the drafting level, they create working from rough sketches or layouts that have been prepared by engineers, architects, and designers. The drawings and 3D models are prepared to the specifications of their company and industry standards. Computers are the tools of their trade, and they are competent on the latest versions of CAD modeling software.

Cole, who formerly worked for a manufacturing company in Sanford that designed the sensory-flow faucet, created the model three-dimensional prototype for the design. He received his CAD certification from Dutchess County Community College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and an associate degree in mechanical engineering from Central Carolina Community College in 2003.

In addition to an Associate in Applied Science, CCCC Computer-Aided Design Drafting Technology offers a diploma and a certificate.

Learning to master software that is the newest technology in 3D printing is one of the highlights of the program. Three-dimensional printing streamlines the production of manufacturing prototypes.

CCCC student Wes Sugg enrolled in the CAD program as a follow-up to a Bachelor's degree in business from N.C. State University. Sugg, who works in advertising and marketing, does product development as a side business.

"I've had a lifelong interest in Computer-Aided Drafting," said Sugg. "I do a lot of 3D parametric solid modeling work and injection molded components. That's where computer-aided design and machining technology really play a critical part in the production of goods and services as well as economic development. Without a durable goods industry, there is no opportunity for wealth creation. This is core for the continued success of the United States and all advanced nations."

Sugg encourages students to take advantage of a vocational-technical education like CCCC's CAD Technology program. "If it were up to me, everyone who doesn't want a four-year education should investigate vocational education opportunities at the community college level," he said. "Community colleges offer some of the best prospects for personal advancement, are easily accessible to people in the core community, and definitely give a person a shot at economic opportunity."

For more information on CCCC's Computer-Aided Design Drafting Technology program, contact CAD Technology Lead Instructor Ben Cole at (919) 718-7373 or e-mail him at

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CCCC's CAD program gets students job ready in minimal time

Ben Cole, Lead Instructor for the CAD Technology program at CCCC, keeps pace with the latest developments in Computer-Aided Design Drafting.

CCCC's CAD program gets students job ready in minimal time

Wes Sugg, a student enrolled in CCCC's CAD program, works on a drafting design in the computer lab.