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Central Carolina adds summer school funding option

02.16.2009 • College General

SANFORD - North Carolina’s tight budget has Central Carolina Community College reviewing its options for the funding of curriculum classes during the summer semester.

At its Feb. 11 meeting, the college’s board of trustees approved a revision to the Self-Supporting Class Policy, clarifying that the policy could apply to curriculum, as well as to continuing education, classes. Self-supporting classes are those whose costs are borne by the students enrolled in them.

The policy change gives the college the option to charge for curriculum classes for the summer semester. If the state doesn’t provide sufficient funding for the college to cover them during the summer session, the policy change provides for a possible funding source. Another option would be to offer fewer of them.

Some college programs have required classes during the summer semester. It is the intent of the college to offer required classes at normal student tuition rates, according to Wayne Robinson, the college’s vice president for Administrative Services.

He added that the offering of self-supported classes is a contingency plan because there is so much uncertainty about the amount of cash the college will have available from the state. He said it will be a few more weeks before it is determined if that option is needed.

The college hopes that there will be sufficient money from the state for the college to fully fund summer semester curriculum courses as it has in the past.

The way the state provides funding for community colleges has resulted in a triple whammy for 2008-09:

In other business, the board: